Italy | Sorrento, Pompei, Naples

July 14th -16th

We then carried on driving to Sorrento over 6 hour drive and half way down the leg of Italy. Our hotel was lovely, big and good priced, we booked in for 2 nights. We went out for a nice dinner overlooking the harbour.

The next morning we drove to Pompei. Famous Pompei, the city covered and destroyed by the ash and pumice from the erupting Mount Vesuvius, in 79AD. (Again as most places, I have been before, but was only a child), we both found it so very sad but wonderfully interesting.

We drove back down to Sorrento, and then took the train up to Naples. We both had heard how Naples was rough and dodgy place, so that's why we didn’t stay there overnight, and why we didn’t take the car. And our expectations were right, we didn’t like the vibe, it was busy and hot and just like another city I guess, we had dinner as Naples is where the original pizza comes from. We then made our way back to pretty Sorrento.

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