Taking It Balinese-y

15th Oct - 23rd Oct 2014

The cold Bintang in the fridge, the hot shower to wash our way our sand ridden bodies and the cool aircon in bed was lush. After a good sleep we woke up in the hot morning sunshine to see our lovely villa with private pool. We all went down the road for breakfast, with me ordering a toastie, and receiving just that- not even a ickle bit of greenery. Then we spent the rest of the day splashing about in our pool and drinking Bintang. We were both so relieved yesterday was over and now here we were, catching up with Shaun and Jodie, and hearing all their travel tales in exchange for ours.

After meeting our cleaners and asking if they could do our laundry for us at a cheap rate (as all the local laundrettes were charging per item- not cheap if you have as much dirty washing as us), we decided to go watch the sun set, however the walk to the beach took longer than we anticipated and just got there as it went down, not to worry- we just headed for dinner at a nice place near Seminyak beach.

Back to our private villas and we dipped our feet in the pool while sharing more travelling stories and sipping on more Bintang.


The next morning we headed to the beach, where the boys wanted to try out surfing, so we stopped at many shops along the way to find a rash vest. Got the beach and the boys took to the surf even getting up on their first wave, whilst me and Jodie relaxed, reading our books. I am still on the Vietnamese book but I need to hurry up as I want to start reading 'Eat, Pray, Love' as its iconic in Bali as part of it was written here. For lunch we hopped and skipped up the sand (the sand was burning) to a beach bar, having a craving for pasta, I found some Arribiata and it was yummy! The boys joined us after surfing and showing us their injuries- rashes along their arms from rubbing against the big foam boards. And we all lay and watched the sunset infront of us, with a cool Bintang, just purchased from the guys with big cool boxes. After a tiring day for the boys, we decided to grab a takeaway pizza and head back to our villas.

Kuta, Bali

Day 3 of 5 and we decided we liked it a lot here and as me and Shan are not in a rush, and Shaun and Jodie have until the 25th free, we would ask to stay on for an extra 2 days. And also we would travel to Ubud in the centre of Bali for 3 nights after. After all that travelling we all feel like its a normal summer holiday break. Me and Shan are so glad that we could meet Shaun and Jodie, as before we all left we said it would be nice to meet up.

Today we lay at the pool and messed around, timing our length underwater again. At night we took a 10 minute taxi into Kuta, Shaun's brother has been before and recommended the sky garden, which is an all you can eat bbq. So for £2.50 we stuffed our faces and it was very nice. The boys found a tour stall and booked to go on a motor cross tour tomorrow, we all thought the guy serving looked like Lionel Richies love child (not Khloe Kardashian). We also came across a memorial for the victims of the 2002 Bali Bombings, where suicide bombers attacked two night clubs simultaneously, it was sad to read some of the posters that were tied up saying about those that had died. After we headed to a bar and had a tower of Bintang!

Bali bombing memorial, Kuta Bali

The boys set off early the next morning for their full day trip. They got picked up and drove one and half hr out of Seminyak, got kitted out and hopped on a Kawasaki 250. They wheeled about the beach which was great fun, (Shaun does trials as a hobby in Guernsey so had more experience than Shan), then they drove an hour on the busy roads to have a local lunch and Bintang, an hour back on the roads with people cutting them up and darting around them. Then they went back on the beach which was more fun than the roads. Shannon is too lazy to describe it all to me so it might be a bit vague.

Whilst they were away, me and Jodie went to a spa on the next road to us called 'Villa Kuba Spa' (confusing as our villa is called Villa Kubu). We both chose the one hour Balinese full body massage, we were greeted with a fruit juice then took through to our double room, we had our feet cleaned then told to strip off and put on some lovely black hospital pants, we climbed under the sheets, the music came on and the girls started dry rubbing us, we both thought we would be left in pain, but they soon got the oils out and gave a nice firm but smooth massage, I didn't want it to end. It did end though, we paid the £10, plus as usual like food we paid a lot in tax, we relaxed with a herbal tea then back to our villa to chill out, sunbathing and updating our blogs. Check Jodie's blog out at http://www.alaperchoine.com We thought the boys would come back and spoil our tranquil state with them being hyped up after their day out, but they were both knackered and blistered when they got back.

For dinner we headed just across the main road to a place we had walked past called 'The Dusty Cafe' however we took a wrong turn and had to walk for a while before doing a full circle and finding the place. We had brushetta to start, which was amazing as it also had avocados and feta cheese on top. I had more pasta and we all eventually had chocolate cake for dessert. Then all back to our villa for a beer nightcap.

Seminyak, Bali

Day 4 was another relaxing pool day, well I can't exactly say relaxing, we spent most of the time fooling around, putting all the garden furniture inside the pool and making it an underwater bar it was hilarious, I hope the photos show how much fun was had!

At night we went back to the Sky Garden for another £2.50 buffet, this time as it was Sunday it was a roast. Kuta is surprisingly not as busy and hectic as I had read about or imagined, we were finding it hard to locate a good bar, the streets just seemed to be full of surf shops or clothing stores and tat stalls not any good bars to sit and have a Bintang or two. We seen a bar with Happy Hour, sounded good, but it was only on cocktails and it had to be two of the same cocktails, Jodie and Shannon had a tropical vodka cocktail served in a big plastic beaker complete with sticker of a teddy bear. Me and Shaun had a strawberry mojito, it had 'real' strawberries floating in it and was horrible when you sucked it up through the straw.

We then came across what resembled an off licence with stools made from old beer crates, so we got some local beer we hadn't seen before called 'Bali Hai' but it wasn't the best (that's why we hadn't seen it before). We played card games and had more drinks, with me and Jodie trying Raspberry and Apple Bite smirnoff ice's. Another pomegranate magnum ice lolly, another haggle for a taxi and then back to have our usual before bed.

Last day in Seminyak and we headed back to the beach. The boys went surfing again but the waves weren't as good.

Kuta, Bali

Shannon gave in to the sunglasses man who kept walking past and bought sunglasses the exact same as he's got from Oakley which cost a bit, these look the same for a fraction of the price. I also gave in- to the lady selling sarongs- I knocked her down to half the price and now have a lovely purple sarong which I will also use as a scarf.

At night we thought we would go to the cinema but the times weren't good so we found Hard Rock Cafe (!!!) and had dinner there. Shan convinced Shaun to have the nachos, and I also went crazy and picked fajitas again. Jodie had the signature burger which was massive. All washed do