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A Bumpy Landing in Malaysia

28th Jun 2011 -

Got picked up in a mini bus to take us to Penang. Over 9 hours and 3 mini busses later we arrived. We hadn't researched much on Penang so didn't know where the good bit was and from what was round us it looked like it needed some paint.

Got a cyclo Tuk Tuk who offered us to stay at The Waldorf hotel. And that's where the comparrison ends the hotel was old and room was the most basic we have had but after a long day travelling it would do.

We decided to go a walk to the big shopping mall nearby. But we never made it that far.... We crossed the road towards the mall and were almost at the pavement when something hit me and I fell, I stood up wondering what happened and expected Shannon to laugh and say I was silly that I had tripped...but he wasn't there, it was a motorbike that had hit me and it had then hit Shannon too, he was along the road with the driver.

I ran over to Shannon who was coming round - we won't go into too much detail - we waitied for an ambulance and were taken to the hospital. We were seen to quickly and we were both fine talking away and getting our head round what happened. We spent 3 hours in the hospital, and I had 2 x rays, I have a sprained wrist and a swollen lower back, Shannon has stitches on the back of his head aswell as cuts and grazes all over.

But we are fine and just so so so grateful we got off so lightly, we are very lucky. We only heard the driver had fainted and little damage. Also we were taken to a government hospital so got free treatment and painkillers just had to pay £10 each for x-rays so that saves paying and claiming on insurance.

I am refusing to take any blame for the accident- 2 of us with 4 eyes walking at 4 miles an hour versus crazy motorbike driving at 70 miles an hour. But yes we will definatley be more careful crossing the road in future. We got a taxi back to the hotel and had an uncomfortable sleep. But I promise we are both fine!

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