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Arriving in Krabi

23rd Jun 2011

Another day so another day of travelling... Left our lovely suite in Koh Samui and haggled for a taxi to take us to Nathon pier (which is a different pier than we arrived on), our taxi took us to the pier where we paid for our ferry tickets to Donsak which is the main port for Suret Thani on the mainland where we are headed, (none of the boat companies made it very clear but turns out there are lots of ferries throughout day and they transfer us to Suret Thani) we then had time to dump the bags and get some breakfast.

We also swapped our left over American dollars for more Thai baht. The ferry only took 20 minutes, then we got a free bus transfer, and then were dumped in middle of Suret Thani somewhere and there were touts hanging around trying to get us to go with their company to our destination Krabi, we had already planned on taking the government bus though which may not be as comfy but alot cheaper, and one our later after we found where the bus stop was we boarded the bus which was to take 4 hours.

And it passed fine we are used to it by now even if it's looonng. We arrived at our pre-booked hotel the Aonang Goodwill. We booked it last night and it's our cheapest yet at just 550B/ £11. It's a fairly new family run hotel located at the start of Aonang beach and is a slow 10 minute walk to the main bars and restaurants. Our room is big and clean and staff friendly. We took a stroll down the street passing several stalls and shops and found a nice Thai/Italian for dinner having already had a McDonalds for lunch.

We were tired after long day so had a quiet night in, but not before Shan got to cuddle up to a very cute monkey, of course a guy was wanting money for the pleasure, but somethings you just have to do!

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