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Kuala Lumpur

29th Jun 2011 - 1st Jul 2011 -

So we woke up after an uncomfortable sleep and got same taxi driver as last night to take us to the bus station, he had suggested last night we go to police station to get a reference number so we could claim insurance. So we spent 2 hours in the police station, I had to write a report and then it got processed. But we decided seen as our medical bill was only £20 thankfully, we won't bother claiming but it's still good to have report and reference.

We then carried on to the bus station and as we got there we managed to jump on a bus that was just leaving and wow it was a luxury coach with full reclining leather seats which were extra wide and extra leg room it was great. So anyway not much to report on about Penang as we spent most of time in hospital and police station.

A few hours later we arrived in the congested traffic and looked out of window to see growing skyscrapers. We got dropped at station and got a taxi to the Corus hotel in Ampang, same road as the Petronas Towers. In the midst of last night we somehow found the time and effort to book the Corus hotel in preparation as no way could we go searching for one today.

The hotel upgraded us so we had a balcony onto the swimming pool with views of none other than the Petrons Towers. The room had a four-poster bed and was lovely- and so it should be it cost us £70+ but everywhere was expensive and we needed easiness. We had a quiet afternoon as Shannon had a lie down and I watched tv and kept looking at our view!

At night as we were still sore we ordered room service which also cost more than average- everything price wise is same or as expensive as the UK but when you have spent 3 weeks in cheap Thailand it looks expensive. We had a lazy night and tried to have a good sleep.

Ventured down for breakfast and it was good buffet. Afterwards I forced Shannon to get out and see Kuala Lumpur, a few painkillers later and we were out, we walked to the pharmacy and got gauze bandages for Shans arm then we walked the 5 minutes to the petronas towers.

We were hassled all the time with 'you want taxi?', 'I take you I take you' etc (same as Thailand but we weren't in the mood) then we went to buy tickets to go to the skybridge which is half way up the 88 floors but they had stopped selling tickets for today, staff not very helpful and we can't see why they stop selling tickets- are they not proud of the towers, or do they not need the revenue money? Anyway we were miffed so we strolled to the massive shopping centre with Tiffanys, Louis Vuitton, Topshop etc was great but didn't need anything so went for a Nando's for lunch, was yummy.

We walked around the gardens around the Petronas Towers and took photos.

Came back to hotel and sunbathed for a while then we had a lovely bubbly bath to help our aches and then got a taxi to Sunway Lagoon which is everything, shopping centre, theatre, waterpark and more, I had seen a brochure advertising a theatre show but we didn't make it on time so wandered about the shops- and this shopping centre is much bigger than yesterday's large one. We then took taxi back it's about half hour out of the main city but great views on the way. We headed back to the Petronas Towers and had dinner in a restaurant overlooking the gardens, our meal was nice but I got wrong food, I asked for spaghetti bolognaise and the waiter thought I said Hollandaise I hate eggs so wasn't too pleased when this eggy thing turned up, still funny though, Anyway my bollognaise was lovely as was Shans food, after that we went to the cinema and seen Transformers in 3D was really good but really long. Headed back to hotel to try sleeping again.

We didn't feel up to getting up at 4.30am to queue until 6.30 just to wait until 8.30 to get tickets to the skybridge at the Petronas Towers it seemed silly and we needed our rest. We can't understand why they limit their numbers or even worse why it's not a known thing, I've read other people's blogs and they say they got up early but didn't say they had no choice.

Anyway we missed it and we were fine with that we have seen lots of KL so are okay not seeing it and it's only 44 floors up anyway. We got up for breakfast then packed up and moved to little India to a hotel called Citin, it was a little cheaper and still had great views of the petronas towers, we arrived mid day on Friday Which is prayer day, we had to drag our cases past everyone lining the streets whilst praying we were very much in the way.

At night we went back to Sunway Lagoon and watched the show 'magical Musical' in an open air amphitheatre which is a collaboration of songs from many west end shows, produced by west end people, show was about 6 actors starting out in New York and what followed, there was songs from Mama Mia, Grease, Saturday night fever, Dreamgirls and Bombay Dreams. It was really good, it was different than normal shows and maybe the actors a little older but still a good show, Shannon's first, I must take him to more.

We had dinner and came back to Petronas Towers and walked about the gardens until some annoying little lady shouted at us and others to get out as the park was closed. People in Kuala Lumpur are not the friendliest we have met they all have a chip on their shoulder. How can you close a park? - especially one that has great views of the most iconic thing in KL-silly!

Anyway took photos and walked back to hotel until we got tired and picked up a taxi, this hotel is about 15-20 minute walk away.

Love ouch Shannon and ow Pamela xxx

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