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Leaving on a jet plane don't know when we'll be back again...

3rd & 4th Jun 2011 -

We are leaving today!!

We got up early to finish packing and sorting out last minute things. Went to the airport with Shannon's family, and Shannon's old boss came aswell as our friends Emma and Ali. It turned into a sad farewell; we went through security then onto our last Aurigny flight at least for a while. The flight past and then we were in Gatwick.

We checked into the Hilton (still using our staff rate discount). Our suitcases were overweight so I unpacked mine and took out about 30 items. It's not just the weight for Qantas it's the fact we will have to carry it around for the next month. By the way we are not conventional backpackers we have two large suitcases a rucksack and a wheely case- but this does contain stuff for Australia too.

We went out for dinner in Crawley and watched 'The Hangover 2'. It was really funny and made it all the more exciting as it's based in Thailand!

Up early to eat Shannon's favourite breakfast at the hilton. Then I went back to sleep while Shannon played on iPad and reorganised his suitcase. We left the hotel and got train to Heathrow which cost £27.20. We were going to get the Heathrow express bus which would have cost £49.00 so we are saving already.

Got to the airport and re-packed again as we were still overweight. We checked in and went through departures where I got a good book called Something from Tiffany's by Mellisa Hill. We went for dinner then boarded our 747 jumbo Qantas plane, we had good seats with leg room. Watched films and slept...

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