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Like a Bridge over...River Kwai

16th Jun 2011 -

Taxi from hotel in Bangkok to thornburi bus station, bus to Kanchanaburi, songthaew to hotel PongPhen which is on the river Kwai has a pool but we have no time to use it and is cheap at just £12. Had brunch in cafe then walked over 1 mile to reach The Bridge over the River Kwai. Went to the ww2 museum then to the bridge. Some facts if you don't know already- this is the 2nd bridge built the 1st blown up by the P.O.W who built it, then the 2nd was constructed however was bombed by an American plane and the middle gone so was re-constructed for 3rd time. We walked across the bridge and went to find the original bridge but no luck on walking back over we were lucky that 1 of only 2 trains a day went over the bridge. Took lots of photos then headed to the floating restaurant next to the bridge, had beer and ice cream while looking at the view, was lovely. Got a songthaew back to the hotel then both went for a traditional Thai full body massage. It was rough and at times painful but interesting, it was Shannon's first massage which is a shame cause it's scared him but I have told him they aren't normally like that. Went back to the floating restaurant as it was lovely and so close to th bridge. At night the bridge is lit up in an array of spectacular colours. Walked across the bridge once again.

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