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Ping Pong and Ladyboys

10th Jun 2011 - 11th Jun 2011 -

Train journey went very well, we both slept all night. We disembarked train and got a Tuk Tuk to Ekamai bus station in Bangkok. The driver was crazy, but they are all like that- weaving in and out of lanes, squeezing between busses hooting their horns- surprisingly not seen a crash yet.

We bought our tickets which cost 260B about £12 for a two hour journey. We both slept most of the way. Got a songthaew from the bus station to south Pattaya, and tried to find a decent hotel- as we haven't booked anywhere we went in search of a decent priced hotel but all seemed over our budget until Shannon found The Red Balcony Inn, on the beach front with balcony for £40 for two nights.

We got into our bikini and shorts and headed for the beach, we got a sunbed and swam in the warm sea. There was a constant stream of people walking past offering us their goods selling everything possible - bracelets, sunglasses, prawns, ice-lollies, massages, tattoos, paintings etc, it was annoying but by the end of the day we had bought Shannon sunglasses, a coconut and ice-lollies.

At night we went to walking street. It was mayhem! First we had a lovely meal at the waters edge looking round the coast, then it turned into true Pattaya style- the streets are lined with strip clubs, girls in tiny skirts asking you to come in, men handing out leaflets for shows. It was sleazy and hordes of people walking past-no white man was on his own. We kept saying no no no as we were hounded but we really did have to go and experience this so we found a strip club called 'airport club' so ventured inside. There were seats all along the side of room with pole dancers, and girls in a foamy shower all practically naked. There were a few other girls but lots and lots of men with one just one thing on their mind, it was free to get in and no-one hassled us, we stayed for one drink then moved on to an even more explicit place, it was a show with many talents and as described on the flyer 'pussy banana, pussy darts, pussy ping pong' !! So we went and yip sure enough there were girls producing some eye watering things such as string of needles, string of razors, string of pretty little fairy lights, one even had a talent of writing... One even blew out canldes on a cake, we then saw the show everyone needs to or thinks they need to see- the ping pongs being errm, produced. We paid to go in this club and drank our free drink then to left for the hotel.

Had a lovely lie in til 11 then headed to Pattaya Park which has an observation tower and water park. We got the lift to the 55th floor and looked around 360o behind glass, then we went to the next floor and I suddenly became afraid there was only a wall the height of my hips and no railings or net to look through just open air, I was scared I might somehow fall

but it was actually safe-ish I just like to moan.

The views were lovely we could see for miles over Pattaya, Jummtein and the surrounding islands. We then went to water park where we sunbathed, went swimming and down the big slides.

We walked back the 30 minute journey and arrived at the beach for sunset. Went to then night Market, I bought a Pandora bracelet (the first one I seen I dropped and all the jewels went bouncing on the ground) and Shannon bought shorts. We had a lovely dinner at Sizzlers inside the shopping plaza then we dared to venture into a bar which described it as having Girls with a ''difference''. A lovely lady came to sit with us called Nicky (originally Nicolas not Nicola), it was fun and extremely cringey too. He/she was grabbing Shannon and I even touched her lovely boobs. She was making gestures to go into room but Shannon get saying 'your a man' while her reply was 'nooo I have pussy you want to look'. Eeeek!

Headed back to hotel and we decided we wouldn't talk about Nicky or the other pretty girls on the stage wearing tiny skirts and bulging thongs again.

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