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Temples and Tigers in Chiang Mai

7th Jun 2011 -

Had a good nights sleep actually on the train, woke up at 6.30 because we guess the train broke down, started again an hour later and we went to cafe and took photos of the gorgeous jungle landscape. We fell back asleep and woke up to pack up and leave.

We arrived at 11 o'clock over hour late but was ok, the journey was fine but the conditions were a bit smelly. We had heard lots about touts who want to drive you to their families guest houses so we came out the train station and asked to go to Thanon Tha Phae which Shannon had looked up on Lonely Planets guide book and knew it was the main area. Sure enough they kept asking where we were staying but we lied and said we had friends waiting for us so didn't need a hotel, this went down well and we were dropped off at the city Walls for 100B (£2.00).

We went straight to McDonalds as already after 3 curries, I needed something different, I won't say normal as I normally live off curries. We then checked into the hotel opposite McDonalds called Hotel Montri (M Hotel) we got room only for 1000B (£20.00). At the moment if it makes any sense the Thai Baht is around double minus the zeros of British Sterling. The hotel is lovely and the room is gorgeous, we have a view over the mountains and the streets.

We had a lovely long shower then went to book trips for the next two days here, we are going elephant trekking tomorrow and zip lining through jungle next day. We then got a Tuk Tuk to take us to Tiger Kingdom which cost 200B return but he was willing to take us many other places but we had left it to late in the day.

We went to Tiger Kingdom and paid 720B to get up close with the largest tigers. We went into their cages and stroked and touched two tigers and got lots of photos with them, we were both afraid of them attacking us but were assured they had just been fed. We then looked around at the rest of the tigers the medium ones aswell as small ones and new born. They were happy and playful.

We came back to hotel and went a walk, and visited a near by temple. There are many temples, or 'war's' are they are known in Thailand, we also past many stalls selling hot food and fruits, we went to a lovely restaurant called 'Hot Chilli' it wad gorgeous with landerns, candles, marquee tents, swinging chairs etc and food was lovely more Thai curries and dessert we had banana in coconut milk and vodka inside a coconut. It was located at Ratdumnuen Road Parsinmuang. We really enjoyed and will try to go back tomorrow.

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