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The Islands- Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui

19th Jun 2011 - 22nd Jun 2011 -

Snorkelling trip today around Koh Tao. Was rough sea and because of that we couldn't stop at our first spot at shark bay but we managed to see four other snorkelling spots including Mangoe Bay and the Japanese Gardens- the corals there were astounding, we went so close to the coral and there was lots to see of both coral and fish. We seen sea cucumbers, even dangerous triggerfish and other weird and wonderful ones, never saw nemo but my favourites were Blue-barred parrotfish which are multicoloured purples and blues.

We then docked at Nangyuan island which is privately owned and is gorgeous, we were told footballers and musicians come here. It is 2 islands connected by a beach. We climbed to the view point, took photos then on way back though it started raining, and our boat wasn't coming back for an hour so along with all other tours we seeked shelter in the restaurant.

Got boat back and straight for long hot shower as we were chilled. We both don't feel well, I have a bad stomach and Shan has sore head. We went for dinner- pizza and smoothies then on way back we stopped of and bought a RUCKSACK!! Both our cases are falling apart but mines a wee bit better so just 1 back pack for now but Woo! we are like real travellers now! We booked hotels for Koh phangan and Koh samui just so we know where we are going for once. The music was loud again tonight and we could hear it more as we aren't feeling great.

Packed our new rucksack and bought our ferry tickets and headed to the ferry terminus. We got a free taxi through the hotel cause we had booked ferry but we had to squeeze 9 of us into the back of a pick up truck plus luggage. We boarded the Seatran to Koh Phangan a one hour crossing for £16. We walked the length of the long pier for a taxi which took us to our Pre-booked hotel or should I say private bungalow on the beach? We paid £20 to stay at the Malibu Beach bungalows in Chalok lam, which is in the north of the island. We both aren't really fussed being near Haad rin and the full moon side. And wow this area is lovely and the resort fantastic, we are virtually on the beach which is a few minutes walk, we have a pool and our bungalow is quaint, we have bamboo Walls and a hammock on the balcony. We went to the beach cafe for lunch but as we aren't feeling too well didn't have much. Went to the pool and swam and I read my book I'm now reading Dannii Minogues autobiography, I finished the absolutely fantastic book First They Killed My Father about the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, it was disturbing and very sad but such a powerful story and to be honest I didn't know anything about the Khmer Rouge before hand. Anyway so Shannon couldn't stay at pool so went for a lie down in the bungalow I stayed sunbathing until I started to burn.

At night I went a walk by myself to a near by fishing village but I had to walk along the beach and there litterally were hundreds of crabs making their way from the sea to nestle under the sand I was freaking out as I walking along. I don't like fish to eat and the smell of the village stank of fish so as pretty and quaint as it was I made my way back, via the road as I wasn't going to be walking in the sand in darkness, I forced Shannon to eat food then we watched at DVD in our bungalow and had a disturbed night sleep

I went for breakfast myself then we got a taxi to the ferry and took the short 20 minute ride over to Koh Samui. Our hotel is in Bo Phut where the ferry docks and only 5 minute walk. We are staying at Saboey Resort again at £20 a night. We have a suite which is almost of the beach. It's the largest room we have had with balcony looking over the sea. We lay at the double infinity pool and went in the sea. At night we walked along the street for food and watched another film in hotel. Still don't feel too great.

Another scooter today! And we survived, I panicked again about the dangers of road safety throughout Thailand. But again I trust Shannon so off we went to explore Koh Samui. We went to the Big Buddah which is over 15 meters tall, then we had toasties for breakfast in a restaurant over looking islands including Koh Phangan, we watched as one of many planes came in to land (our hotel is great for viewing planes as we are in the flightpath and airport 5 minutes from us), they have ATRs and it makes us reminisce over our Aurigny days (me more then Shan). Then we scooted off to Chaweng and had a drink on the beach then drove down to Hin Ta and Hin Yai which are the Granfather and Grandmother rocks which are all natural and look very much like the human sex organs.

We then went to see the Mummified Monk that has been preserved from 20 years ago when a monk wrote when he died he'd like this. There is a temple built round him and incense sticks and flowers and thousands of people's comments in guest books saying it's 'awesome' and 'wonderful' I unfortunately found it a bit weird some guy with ray ban sunglasses on sitting in a glass case whilst two monks sit at a table probably wanting another donation whom happen not to look to ''monk-ish to me- one had tattoos covering his back and arms possibly other places and the other monk chatting away on his mobile. I thought they were meant to be sacred and mystical.

We then drove to the highest peak in Koh samui and had a drink whilst taking in the amazing views of hundred of islands around us. Drove back- without any hitches, sunbathed and went in pool and sea, watched the cloud-covered sunset and went for an Indian meal down the street. Looked up ferry time tables for tomorrow and i have been busy getting this blog up to date. Also because you all want to know we have took imodium and are both better!! Today all our sightseeing was free, no charge for the Big Buddah or rocks or even for the dead monk. We had thought of going to a crocodile farm but they wanted £21 from us...we will wait for Steve irwins zoo in Oz.

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