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Two Singapore Slings please Mr Raffles......... I <3 SG.........End of our first chapter....

2nd Jul 2011 - 4th Jul 2011 -

Had breakfast not as good as last hotel and then got taxi to the bus stop which happened to be outside our last hotel, we boarded another luxury coach where we got free meal and drink, the drive was only 5 hours so time flew in, we have really got used to sitting back watching DVDs and reading books.

We arrived at the border where we were told absolutely no chewing gum allowed- Singapore has a very clean attitude and don't approve of chewing gum, also they are very strict about duty free items. Singapore appears to like things pure and controlled and when we arrived there we realised it was working, the roads looked they had been tarmac'd yesterday and the streets so clean you could eat off them, the MRT subway was the same (except I seen dust on stairs).

We checked into the M hotel (millennium) in Anson road just 7-10 minutes by taxi to the main busy part of Singapore. We had booked it last night so we werent looking around and wow Singapore is expensive, the room cost £104 a night and we are here for two. On average Thailand hotels cost £10 a night, but it's worth it our hotel room was on the 14 floor with views over the sea and into Indonesia and Malaysia through a huge window, it's big and spacious with lovely bathroom.

At night we took the MRT to Clarke Quay which was bustling with bars, restaurants and shops. The quay was great with boats going up and down and people buzzing about, even a sling shot and flying swing ball there. We wandered and then had a pint in Hooters then we got a taxi to Marina Sands and wandered about, we went in the magnificent Marina Bay

Sands hotel then wandered to the Singapore flyer- the worlds latest observation wheel and we took the path of the Grand Prix race track. It was cool and Shannon was very excited. We seen the pit stop and all the names Button, Hamilton and the rest, it was fun. We walked some of the track then headed back to our hotel and after lunch we weren't too hungry so got a macdonalds.

Had breakfast which was good then got a taxi to Raffles Hotel! I have always wanted to go and my mum and dad gave shannon singapore dollars for his birthday to treat ourselves to a Singapore sling. So we arrived at Raffles and looked around, it was grand, and had lovely fountains and building was nice. We headed for The Long Bar made famous for it's Singapore Slings, sat down in what we thought was strange- the floor and seats and tables gad monkey nut shells scattered all over the place, supposedly you eat the nuts provided and chuck the shells on the floor. We of course ordered our two Singapore Slings and wow they were lovely, sweet and luckily didn't taste of Gin. Was really nice in there!

Then we had another nosey and walked to Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The hotel is newly built and consists of 3 hotel blocks intergrated by a sky terrace on the roof ajoining the 3 buildings. This is named the skypark. We purchase tickets for the observation deck on the skypark and up we went, the views of Singapore were amazing and the hotel is lovely. We looked around and seen all the rich guests in their infinity pool. We had drinks in the bar overlooking the city and had chips- cheapest on the menu. We walked some more of the Grand Prix route again and cant wait to see it on TV in september.

We came back to hotel and rested for a bit before going back to the Singapore Flyer at night. We took the half hour journey and the views were amazing. The city is very architectural, amongst the skyscrapers there are bridges and museums all beautifully built. We walked to Clarke Quay which took a leisurely 20 minutes. We had dinner in a lovely but expensive Indian on the waters edge, as we had walked a lot we decided to walk back to our hotel which was a long way but also we had to because it was after midnight and the MRT had shut and we actually didn't bring enough cash for a taxi.

Breakfast then back to sleep for me while Shannon caught up with last nights boxing. Then we packed up and headed for the airport. Our cases weren't too much over surprisingly so we just re-shuffled them and checked in early. We got food and watched the planes take off and land. We watched tv and used free Internet. Shannon went to shop and seen some girls wearing great t-shirts so he came back to tell me and I knew I really had to get one. You know the I heart NY tees? Well Singapore's is SG as in Shannon Grimshaw how fantastic so I went in search of the shop and I found it and treated myself to a pretty ''I heart SG'' top. Shannon was well chuffed and I think it's great! Boarded out 747 from Singapore to Brisbane, flight just over 7 hours, we were both looking forwarding to relaxing and getting free food, free beer and free films it was great......

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