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Day 2

Woke, showered and left the Ibis by 7am. First stop- a bakery for frühstück (breakfast), then it was my turn to drive. I've driven my right hand drive in Europe before but never driven a left hand drive. I was nervous before hand and for a little to start with, but then I got into the swing of things and drove 187km to Nürnberg (Nuremberg). This was a late addition to our plans as Shan looked it up last minute, and it wasn't much of a detour from our destination of Prague, Czech Republic.

We were both very pleasantly surprised. There were gorgeous buildings, churches, a castle and its grounds to explore. The views from the castle grounds were brilliant as we could see for miles. We wandered around the centre, seen Christmas markets and more attractive buildings.

Jumping back in the car we headed out of the city to the area of Luitpoldhaid. Nürnberg played a big role in the Third Reich, this was where their propaganda centre for rallies were held. This was set in a large sports complex which was never actually finished due to the outbreak of war. We went into the building and were contemplating going inside, but we read the info boards and decided we were fine not to go in. Instead we took our drone up over the site and got interesting images looking down.

Then onwards to Prague...

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