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Lake Königssee

Day 13

Only a 25km drive out of Salzburg and on the German- Austrian border, we went to visit Berchtagaden and Lake Königssee. On the way it started to rain and then snow, there was also low lying mist and fog clinging to the Alps. So we relaxed for a bit, taking cover in McDonalds until the skies cleared.

We had planned to visit The Eagles Nest, which was Hitler's lair. Unfortunately when we arrived, we realised we hadn't planned very well, as the road to The Eagles Nest is privately owned and only opened between March and October. But as the skies cleared we could see the building atop of a mountain and we were somewhat happy with that.

Hitlers Lair, Berchtagaden

We drove the few minutes drive from Berchtagaden to Lake Königssee as the mist lifted and we could now see the tops of the mountains. We took photos and sent the drone up and got some spectacular shots. Also on the lake you could go on a boat trip, but as the weather wasn't its best and cause we had the drone we didn't feel a need to do it.



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