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Vienna and Salzburg

Day 12 and 13

We left Hungary in the morning and drove a nice short 2 and half hour drive to Vienna. Upon entering Austria by vehicle you must purchase a vignette, we bought ours at the border. It cost us €9.80 and lasted 10 days.

We had only a few hours reserved for Vienna so we conducted a whistle stop tour, visiting the Opera House, St Stephans Dom, Christmas Markets, before admiring the busy shopping streets lined with designer shops set in stunning baroc buildings.

A must is stopping at one (or two) of the cities bakeries. We went to one bakery and tried Viennese truffle cake, then a bakery called Konditorei Oberlaa and got a famous Sacher cake to take away.

Then we went to Schoenbrunn Schloss, we didn't have long at all, and it would be €13 per person and it recommended a full day to visit, we decided it wasn't worth paying to see so little. We weren't disappointed though as we seen some of it, and have been so lucky to see so much else.

Then another 2 and half hours in the car until we neared Salzburg.

On the way, on my turn to drive, we were over awed by the utterly stunning sunset which we were chasing, as it dipped behind the Alps and the colours danced on the road ahead. We decided to take a detour to a lake we could see on the satnav. We promptly parked up and got our drone up to catch the spectacular sunset.

A short journey later we arrived at our Expedia booked apartment, however the doors were locked and we were told to enter the number (for the door code) on our confirmation. We didn't know anything of this and didn't have internet to double check, so we headed to a near by Macdonalds, found internet and couldn't find anything about a door code and nothing saying we needed to confirm before arriving. We were a bit panicked and thought we'd have to abandon our nights stay and find another hotel, but the reason we picked this place was it was out of town, as Salzburg was seeming very expensive for accommodation. So we decided to go back to the apartment block and try the key pad for the other residents so they could buzz and let us in, we even hooted the horn to see if anyone would look out. (Our room key was to be in the room door so we were fine once inside), thankfully someone did answer the buzzer and we were in. The place was basic but decent size.

We got out quickly, after wasting precious time, and drove into town, parked up and took a stroll along the river, over a bridge to see where Mozart grew up and lived, we went to a fabulous Christmas Market, but it just seemed full of beer drinking holiday-makers and locally made christmas decorations, nothing to eat, so we wandered wearily through the cute streets and came across an Italian, it was quaint inside and the owner was somewhat of a local celeb as he had, had his photographs taken with all the A list stars who'd eaten in his restaurants. The food was good and nice atmosphere.


We were tired though after a busy day of driving, so we headed back to the apartment for a well deserved sleep, not seeing everything on our Salzburg list, but content with what we did see.

In the morning before leaving for Königssee, we went to Hangar 7 which we had read up on but in reality it was so much better. It is an aircraft hangar at Salzburg airport which is owned by the Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz, which hosts a large collection of Red Bull memorabilia- race cars, aeroplanes and even Felix Baumgartners items from when he jumped to Earth from a helium balloon in the stratosphere on 14 October 2012. It's certainly not a hangar in a traditional sense but rather a multifunctional building and rather inconspicuous from the outside. Theres even bars and restaurants on site. We timed it well to catch a Red Bull fighter jet soar into the skies above.

Felix Baumgartner's suit

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