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Dubai | 401 Awesome Photographs From The Khalifa

{Well maybe not 401 photographs but thats only cause we have shortened down the amount we took to a decent, appropriate, normal size}

When we booked our flights to Australia we checked the options of extending our connecting flight in Dubai, turns out it was easy to do and no extra money so we stayed 2 days. Although this seems a rather short amount of time, we planned ahead and knew what we wanted to do, also we had already been to Dubai on a layover before and were only there 20 hours then so knew we could pack a lot in. [Read about our first trip to Dubai here]

In doing things twice we decided when in Rome we would just simply have to visit the worlds tallest building, again!

The Burj Khalifa stands at 829.8 m (2,722 ft) tall and is the worlds tallest building and it is a complete must do when visiting Dubai!

The Burj is located at the Dubai Mall and you can book online in advance (recommended) or you can purchase tickets inside the Dubai Mall, just follow the signs inside.

We recommend booking at least a few days in advance as it is extremely popular and theres only a certain amount of tickets sold throughout the day.

Check the Burj Khalifa website here and bear in mind there are different ticket types and packages. You can choose between prime hours which is in time for sunset and is priced at AED 215 (£43) or non-prime at AED 130 (£26) and thats to visit levels 124 and 125. Prices go from £74 to £106 for the premium package where you visit level 148 in addition.

The views are to die for, 360 degree views for as far as the eyes can see, now be forewarned Dubai does have its fair share of fog especially in the morning, so unless you want to risk it for sunrise we would suggest waiting until the afternoon. We would suggest the non-prime hours for the levels 124 and 125 as the price is the best, however choosing the prime hours nearest to sunset is the best value for money as you will visit in daylight, sunset and night-time. Also from 1830 every 30 minutes you will be treated to the worlds largest choreographed fountain display and while the crowds are grabbing the best spot down below, you can watch from above with the twinkling lights of the city beyond.

Rather than me chat any more, take a look at a selection of our images below which show just how awesome the views from the top really are...

Views from the Burj Khalifa in daytime

Sunset over Dubai

Nightfall over Dubai

Prices correct as of December 2017.

Currency based at 1 AED = 0.201147 GBP

Cameras used: Canon G7X, Panasonic Lumix G7, GoPro Hero 4 Black, Samsung S7

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