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30 Images That Will Make You Want To Visit Annecy, France

The idyllic alpine town of Annecy is located in southeastern France in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and is nestled around the stunning mountainous landscapes and set on the the beautiful turquoise blue Lake Annecy and River Thiou which feeds into the canals and waterways of Vieille Ville (Old Town) surrounded by pastel-coloured buildings on cobblestone streets which lead up to Château d’Annecy (Annecy Castle).

Annecy has been nicknamed the "Pearl of French Alps” and also “Venice of the Alps” and within a minute of arriving you will see why Annecy is a must visit destination, be it for a holiday or just a place to stop for a few hours en route (we were travelling from Geneva to Châtel in France).

Be inspired by our images and video and come see Annecy for yourself!

Lac d'Annecy - Lake Annecy

The Pont des Amours- Lovers Bridge

Vieille Ville- Annecy Old Town and Waterways

Château d’Annecy- Annecy Castle

Palais de l’Île- Used as a mint, a courthouse and a prison since the 12th century


Video of Soaring Through The Sky - Annecy

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