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Avoiding Brexit - Holiday In Guernsey

Are you based in the UK and worried about holidaying abroad this year due to all this commotion happening over Brexit?

We have a perfect solution for you!

Somewhere with beaches, warmer climate than the UK, castles, history, island hopping, great food and lots of walking.

This is Guernsey!

Boasting some of the most spectacular beaches and picturesque scenery in the British Isles, along with weather that is more comparable with parts of Northern Europe than of the UK- of which Guernsey and the Channel Islands does belong to (The Channel Islands are self- governing, whilst remaining loyal to the Crown)

Guernsey, along with its sister islands of Alderney, Sark and Herm, is situated in the English Channel between the United Kingdom and France, and although being a predominately English- speaking island, it is located closer to mainland Europe than the UK’s south coast.

Guernsey is just 65 square kilometres in size- making it easy for you to get around, in fact you can traverse the whole island in just an hour’s drive, but there is so much to do along the way, we suggest taking it slow, just like the pace of life here.

Basing yourself in the capital St Peter Port, you will find many attractions within walking distance of your hotel, although the bus service is reliable and conveniently priced at just £1 per journey and has an island wide service.

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Why visiting Guernsey will help you during the Brexit saga-

Whilst Guernsey is a Crown Dependency it isn’t strictly speaking part of the UK nor is it part of the European Union. Visitors from the UK do not need a visa to enter and do not even need a passport!

You can fly from many major UK cities to the island in as little as 30 minutes on England’s south coast to under 2 hours from Scotland. There is a wide choice of airlines to choose from too- click on the following airlines to visit their websites. Aurigny, Blue Islands (flybe franchise)

If you wish to sail into St Peter Port’s iconic harbour with its picturesque views, and maybe even bring your own car along, then there is also Condor Ferries which sail between the UK and Guernsey. The fast ferry is only 3 hours (there is also a slow ferry, but it is slow)

Also, coming from the UK to Guernsey, you don’t even need to worry about foreign exchange rates and currency, as Guernsey uses the Pound Sterling, although don’t be confused as Guernsey (and Jersey) have their own coins and banknotes in circulation in addition to our ‘normal’ variants. We have found that any left-over change can be used back in the UK but banknotes including their £1 notes will not be accepted, these can be changed over before you leave though.

There are many great things to do in Guernsey and its neighbouring islands and well worth a long weekend or longer!

Check out our gallery below of some of our personal favourite spots in Guernsey that we know you will love too!


St Peter Port


Cobo Bay


Gorgeous Guernsey Cow

Hedge Veg

One of many Martello Towers dotted around Guernsey's coast

St Peter Port

Pembroke Bay & The Beach House- which serves excellent food all day, you can sit in, sit out in the sun or takeaway to the beach!

St Peter Port

St Peter Port

Castle Cornet

Moulin Huet

Fort Hommet- one of the many structures built by the Germans when they occupied the island in WW2- click here for more on how WW2 shaped Guernsey

Aerial view of Guernsey

St Peter Port

Le Jaonnet Bay

Looking over Clarence Battery to Herm Island from Fort George

Fermain Bay

St Peter Port from the sky

St Peter Port

Guernsey freesias

Pembroke Bay

Fermain Bay

Have you ever considered staying within the British Isles for your holidays?

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