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Book Of The Month

There’s nothing better than reading a good book, be it lying by the pool or soaking it up for hours whilst on a plane journey... or now that I back in full time employment - the train journey after a long day...

Here are some of my favourites that I have read and will recommend for your own pleasure. I will show you my favourite book each month and share a snippet of what the book is about {please keep checking back to this post for monthly updates}

You can click on the book covers to be re-directed to their Amazon pages where you can purchase them yourselves. Or, of course, you could wait patiently for them to turn up on a book swap shelf in your next hotel/ hostel.


January 2018

The Separation - Dinah Jefferies

Lydia had an affair and it was the final straw for her husband Alec, and he runs away with their two girls, leaving colourful and turbulent 1950's Malaya for life back in cold England. But just how will Lydia ever be reunited with her girls? There's a lot of heart breaking twists along the way as the family is fractured by lies.


December 2017

The Light Between Oceans - M. L. Stedman

A story so real it will have you riveted from the first page. A young couple who after years of being unable to to have children, find a boat washed up at their lighthouse which is located far off the Eastern coast of Australia, with a baby girl alive next to her dead father. Do they keep the child? Do they give her back? What are the consequences of their doing so?


November 2017

The Sea Sisters - Lucy Clarke

Katie is shattered by the news that her sister Mia has been found dead in Bali, whilst travelling. The police claim it was suicide but Katie can't believe it so takes Mia's travel journal and retraces the last few months of her sister's life. This book captures the colourful places where they've been, you can almost see the pages thick with smears of sunscreen and grains of sand.


October 2017

The Road To Little Dribbling - Bill Bryson

I'll admit, this didn't seem like my normal type of book but I loved it and laughed out loud all the way through it. Back in 1995 Bill Bryson drove around England and subsequently wrote about it in 'Notes from a Small Island'. Two decades later he set out again to rediscover the country and the result is ' The Road to Little Dribbling'. It is hilarious, eccentric and endearing whilst also laying out knowledgeable information which may well come in handy one day.

Be sure to check back at the end of each month for my latest best read.

What is your favourite book to recommend?

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