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Greece | Kefalos, Kos

Are you looking for a holiday or a getaway where you can relax by the beach one day and the next day go exploring around?! Well we think the Greek island of Kos is the perfect place. It is the 3rd largest island in the Dodecanese, in the southeastern Aegean Sea.

In Kos, like most of Greece and her islands, the tourist season ramps up in May and slows down in October. In the shoulder seasons it is around 20-25 during the day. In the summer months you can enjoy temperatures up to 30+ degrees.

As May begins the Greek islands are starting to come alive again, and the start of May also brings our anniversary (9 years now!) Becoming engaged in Kefalos, Kos we have a special connection with the island and indeed Kefalos. Now we want to share our happy memories with you and hope you too will fall in love here too!

We stayed in Kefalos, which is the westernmost town on the island and is situated 43km from the capital Kos Town, and is located around 20 minutes from Kos airport. Kefalos like the rest of Kos is dotted with rich archaeological ruins. Whilst Kos Town boasts the best, Kefalos also has its own worthy sites...

The Basilica of Agios Stefanos

Walking along Agios Stefanos beach to the extreme left of the town you will come across ruins of The Basilica of Agios Stefanos which are from the 5th and 6th centuries. You won’t find any information boards, but this is a stunning site and a must see

Agios Nicolaos Church

100- 200 meters from the coast you will see a stunning tiny island, this is best reached from the above Agios Stefanos beach, you can hire little boats or swim across in around 15 minutes each way. This is Kastri Island and is home to the Orthodox church of Agios Nicolaos, you may not be able to enter the church, but it has lovely views back across to Kefalos, the island is barren but beautiful.

Kefalos Village

(the proposal spot!!)

Kefalos is split between the resort and the village which is a typical Greek village with narrow lanes and white washed buildings all on a mountain top, there is a look out platform which is actually the ruins of a medieval castle, the views from here are gorgeous and this is where Shannon proposed to Pam- at night- looking at the twinkling lights of the town below. Wander around the village but do stop at Mylotopi- which is a windmill / restaurant in the most gorgeous setting. Expect prices here to be more than the rest of Kefalos but the views are worth it. You can tour the inside of the windmill which kept the inhabitants of Kefalos village surviving almost a century ago.

Adventuring around

We suggest hiring a scooter/ car or even quad bike to travel around Kos and even around Kefalos. We hired a quad bike with In Kefalos look across to the headland on the right, you will see a massive area that is forest high on the mountains. Heading out of the town winding your way up the mountain side you will have to stop off to marvel at the views surrounding you, and maybe even to watch the mountain goats passing by. You can keep driving around this area, there are beaches down the mountain side to visit along with the pretty Orthodox churches scattered around.

Bubble beach

Leaving Kefalos in the opposite direction you will see signs for Paradise Beach, this is also commonly known as Bubble Beach due to bubbles forming in the water caused by volcanic gases forming. It is a rather unusual and exciting natural phenomenon. (when it happens it happens, but sometimes you can be unlucky and not spot any) The beach is home to lots of water rides and attractions including banana boats and water skiing. For a few Euros you can rent a sunbed or just spend your time splashing in the gorgeous waters.


The main resort is called Kamari but is most commonly known as Kefalos. Here you will find the majority of hotels, cafés, restaurants and bars. The bay is stunning with lots of beach areas, it is mainly flat and easy to walk around. There is many transport hire shops we chose Stamatis & Maria to hire a quad bike for the day and they were ever so helpful. In Kefalos you will also find two travel excursion shops. We chose to visit ZIA with Asklipios Tours Kefalos and had a wonderful trip. And we went on tours to 3 ISLAND CRUISE, NISYROS and Turkey with Joyce at JD Tours, Joyce is a very friendly Canadian who has decades of experience living in Kos so can help with anything.

The resort is full of bars and restaurants- here are just a few of our favourites!

* B52

* Mythos Lounge bar

* Sydney’s

* Dolphin rock café

* Opa opa

* Pizzeria Delizaire

* Corner café

You can travel and stay in Kefalos for as little as £500 per couple for 7 nights. We are big fans of Skyscanner to help find the best deals on flights and Expedia for accommodation. Click here to join here you can set up an account and start making money on holidays and actually- absolutely anything! We love this website! (we earn a small amount for referal and by following the above link you also get a reward!)

Euro is the currency in Greece, and you can buy a pint of the local- and very tasty- beer, Mythos for as little as 1 Euro. A Gyros, the local tasty (very tasty) delicacy can cost as little as 2 euro (please promise to try it!)

Between us we have covered a lot of Greece and we could sum up Kefalos by saying it feels like the rest of Greece did decades ago- it is still a bit rural and rustic but, oh in such a good way!

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