Herm | An Island Paradise

Herm is part of the Channel Islands archipelago and is the smallest island which is open to the public. Herm is located just 3 miles from the coast of Guernsey and the only way to arrive in the island is by boat. There is a passenger ferry the travel trident or you can take a private boat. The Travel Trident sails daily from the St Peter Port Harbour and takes just twenty minutes. (see below for times and ticket prices) As soon as you step off the ferry it feels like you’ve been transported to a different era- mainly because cars and bicycles are not allowed on the island, although there is a tractor luggage service for those staying the night. It is tranquil and unspoiled, with only 65 residents, increasing though by the thousands during the summer season with tourists.

Also adding to Herm’s charm is that the Island itself is only half a mile wide by a mile and a half long. Making it a perfect day in paradise, the walk around the entire island will only take 2 hours- although it will take longer as you will no doubt stop for photographs, marvel at the views of the neighbouring islands, and take the opportunity to head to one of the many beaches for a dip in the Caribbean like waters.

It is all about beaches and views

Docking in Herm there is two drop off places, depending on the tides. Either way head clockwise round the island to follow this route, although the island is very well signposted, and you can hardly get lost (unless you want to!)

You’ll first see The White House which you can have lunch in or if staying the night, this is one of your few choices, nearby is a well-stocked gift shop, selling everything from beach toys, games, clothing and even pink dolphins (personal joke), here you can also buy postcards and stamps to post to loved ones (or even yourself for when you return from paradise).

Next you will see the Mermaid Tavern where you can relax in the beer garden/ court yard and sample the local beer, also you could pop back here later for lunch in the sun.

Walking on from the Mermaid Tavern you will see your first of many beaches Bear Beach, this one is normally overlooked by tourists who are keen to wander around the island, but this is the beach which looks across to Guernsey and you can watch the boats sail past.

Take a leisurely walk around the island following the coastal paths and sand dunes

Keep walking until you reach the famous Shell Beach - which is consistently named the in the top beaches of the world! You will see why, as it is stunning with its turquoise waters. This stretch of golden sand stretches almost three-quarters of a mile and is aptly named, as if you look closely, you will see millions of tiny shells which have been washed up by the Gulf Stream. At Shell Beach there is a well-stocked café and store supplying ice creams and beach essentials, as well as kayaks to hire

Carry on walking around the path which is now high cliffs which are covered in flower-lined paths, this will take you to Belvoir Bay, which has more turquoise waters, ideal for swimming and snorkelling and soft golden sand. This beach is a real suntrap even if it is a windy day, here there is another beach café.

Come in land now and visit Manor Village, where the holiday cottages are located. Visit inside St. Tugual’s Chapel which dates back to the 11th century, although we know Missionary Monks visited in the sixth century. Also look out for the worlds smallest prison- it holds one person!