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Mallorca | Spending The Day In Formentor

Located on the Northern most tip of Mallorca is the Formentor Peninsula, whilst there are many must do's on the island, we highly recommend checking out this area

We visited Formentor twice during our holiday in Mallorca. The first day we took our hire car and the next time we hopped on the public service bus.

For this post we will show both methods of transport but would totally recommend using the public bus- especially if you want to cover the whole peninsula.

From Port de Pollença you can see the road to Formentor- it is jagged and winds its way around the hillside. Within a few minutes of leaving Port de Pollença you will be in hairpin bends- sharing the road with keen cyclists and large buses. The route from Puerto Pollença to Formentor is 17km.

After 7 km (google suggests 12 minutes, but if you are caught behind either of the above then it could be longer) the road ‘flattens’ out (I use that loosely) you will have arrived at Mirador Es Colomer - there are two car parks here which in summer months will without a doubt be packed with cars tailing back to find a space. It is worth the dodgy manoeuvring to get a space as Mirador Es Colomer is a panoramic viewpoint stretching across the western cliffs. Or if travelling by bus this is the first stop- just be sure to make the driver aware you are wishing to depart (the busses don’t all stop here- and we recommend making this your first call)

We had seen a lot of Mallorca already by this point- but this viewpoint- and indeed Formentor- was the highlight of our trip!

There is a great walkway which hugs the cliff edge- looking down your eyes will first meet the water- as it is in most parts a sheer drop. The landscape of steep cliffs, and the mix of rich green land meeting the infinite blue of the water below is just spectacular. Please do not miss this stop off! High on the opposite hilltop is Talaia d’Albercutx, a watchtower which you can climb up to, but we were already amazed by the surroundings we didn’t need to climb several hundred feet- but I bet the views would be something else. Looking back behind you, you will see the stunning bay of Pollença.

Back in the car/ back on the bus continue for 4km on twisting roads which move from inland to being on the cliff edge, if driving be considerate for busses- who will take up both lanes as they turn the sharp corners. After the 4km you will have reached a junction on flat ground, forward is signs for the exclusive hotel ‘Formentor, a Royal Hideaway’ - this is also where you can park up and visit Playa de Formentor (Formentor Beach) the beach is on a lovely bay and the water is the palest shade of turquoise. There are two restaurants/ cafes here, with prices to match the exclusiveness of the area (€3 for can of coke). The car park is also expensive at €3 per hour. The bus stop is also at this junction and a handy little stroll the beach.

Taking the road to the left at the junction you are now on your way to Cap de Formentor. Cars are restricted from 1000 to 1900 so the only way to travel beyond here is by bus or bicycle during those times.

The road to the left starts off through some inland forested areas and then opens out to the dramatic cliffs and stunning cove that is Cala Figuera. This is a bus stop if you wish, the busses come around every 30 minutes or so- even if you don’t walk down to the water- the views from atop are stunning. From this stop you can and should also visit Cala Murta which is another stunning cove to the right of the land.

Travelling along the Cap de Formentor- be sure to be seated on the left-hand side of the bus for stunning vistas. The next stop on the bus is the end of the road- Far de Formentor- Formentor Lighthouse. The roads here are again twisting and turning and this is when you appreciate the bus drivers’ clear skills for navigating the roads. At the lighthouse you can wander around, pop into the café for food or ice lollies, you should also try to spot Menorca- another of the Balearic Islands- which is around 90km away! You can also clamber over rocks a little further from the lighthouse to get a better view- just be careful as you will be on a cliff edge!

Bus details-

Bus timetable here

Bus number 353 starts in Port de Pollença at the bus terminus and returns there.

The fares are all single tickets and will be around €1.50 for each journey

The busses are frequent around Formentor- around every 30 minutes.

We would recommend stopping at Mirador Es Colomer first as it does not always stop on each route

Car hire-

We hired our car from Rent a Car Formentor with prices for car hire start from €24 per day.

What to bring-

  • It could well be windy or at least breezy at the Cap de Formentor- make sure to keep applying sun cream as you won’t necessarily feel the sun beating down on you.

  • Bring a change of clothes- you will be temped by the lush water at Formentor beach

  • If staying for a while on the beach we recommend bringing your own food and drink as the cafes are quite expensive

  • Change for the car park and/ or for the bus. The drivers will not take anything over a €10 note (unless of course there is a few of you paying together)

  • Wear comfortable shoes if you plan to walk around the lighthouse

  • Your camera!


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