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Stunning Queenslander Homes

I've been going through our old photographs from when we lived in Brisbane, as we loved the city and haven't ever really got round to documenting our time there. When I was looking at the photos I found our collection of Brisbane houses...

Back in 2011 we moved to Australia on a ‘working holiday visa’ and settled into life for a little while at least, in Brisbane. We rented a condo with 3 houses connected, and it was built on stilts. We immediately realised that pretty much most of the houses on our street had the same similar style, and so we loved to wander up and down our streets and those in the area to admire those beautiful and interesting homes.

It turns out it is a style, or type of house known as a ‘Queenslander’. These homes were developed in the 1840’s and produced through to the 1920’s/ 1930’s. A quintessential Queenslander according to Wikipedia is a single detached house made of timber with a corrugated iron roof. It goes on to describe the Queenslanders as set high from the ground around 2 to 3 metres, usually on stilts/ or stumps, the stilts are for ventilation, and for flooding. Another thing we noticed was Brisbane is hilly, and the houses on stilts means it helps with any variations in the terrain. They also mostly feature a prominent exterior staircase. The underneath of the homes can be used as storage areas, car port, or even adapted into extra living areas. As you will see from our images the Queenslander can come in many different architectural characteristics including Colonial, Victorian, Federation, Arts and Crafts/Art Nouveau, Interwar styles, and post-World War II styles. The Queenslander homes are now being protected from demolition, and home owners are now today constructing Queenslanders in modern style and reproductions of old styles.

We really loved the styles these homes embraced. We encourage you to type in google images ‘Queenslander style homes’ and see some more modern renovated style properties.

Here is our first ever rental!

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