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Zia- Sunset Over Greece

Zia is a small and quaint village located 16 km southeast of Kos town and 34 km from Kefalos, and lies hidden at a high altitude in the lush green Dikaion Mountain range.

You can visit Zia by yourself or take a guided day tour where you can sample the wineries. And the most popular choice is to come for sunset!

We booked with Asklipios Tours Kefalos who are located on the main strip of Kefalos, and are online 24 hours a day. The air-conditioned bus to and from Zia cost €15 pp and we were picked up from our hotel at 5pm and home by 10pm.

The pull to Zia is for the sunset, you should arrive a little while before sunset time, so you can have free time to wander around the pretty cobble stoned village centre which is lined with stores selling handicrafts as well as selling natural products such as honey, herbs and soap. You can wander up to the church and admire the mountaintop breathtaking panoramic views of Kos and beyond.

If you would rather head straight to one of the few restaurants boasting panoramic sunset views, then this is also a good idea. You could pre-book your table, (and we would recommend that), as everyone will want the best view from their dinner table for the sunset. We didn’t book and still found a good spot at the gorgeous 'Oromedon' restaurant.

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