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Melbourne - round 1

16th Feb 2012 - 19th Feb 2012

After a few days in Griffith we decided to drive 452km to Melbourne. It was a nice drive and we could see the transition from mile upon mile of flat fields in NSW to a more hilly and tree(y) Victoria.

We didn't know our plans for our time in Melbourne but we went sightseeing, went to Federation Square (Fed Sq) and seen Flinders Street Station. We took a super fast elevator to the top of the Eurika Tower which is supposedly the highest building in the Southern Hemishere (dont know about the Q1 in gold coast now?) I actually got a little scared of the height but the views were great.

It started raining when we came back down to earth from the gold plated tower so seeked refuge in Young and Jackson pub which is supossidly well known. We felt it'd be rude not to try a nice ice cold VB or two.

drinking VB beer

We took a long walk around Albert Park which has a huge lake and great views of the city skyline, they are setting up for next months grand prix which was very exciting to see. Can't wait to go!!

The next day we went to St Kilda which is a lovely sea side town and we ate food on Acland Street and took a wander round the shops.

St Kilda

Then we headed to Bayswater where my cousin Darren and his wife Lorraine live. They have a lovely big house and were too kind in letting us stay for a few days. We went out for dinner and Darren cooked a fab Indian.

We went to the Yarra Valley and done wine tasting at several wineries, we aren't keen on reds but tried them and liked tasting all the whites, we even bought a bottle. It was lovely seeing Darren and Lorriane but just as lovely was having a hot shower, comfy bed and cold beers.

We didn't really have a plan as we are back in Mebourne for the grand prix next month. We thought- should we get a job? Should we go travelling somewhere else? Should we go to New Zealand? And yes we settled on 3 weeks in New Zealand!!......

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