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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...or maybe not

22nd Dec 2011 - 27th Dec 2011 - Well if you had told us it was July and weird people were randomly putting up Christmas decorations and wishing us a happy Christmas just for a laugh we would have believed you. That was the most un-christmassy lead up to Christmas we have ever experienced. The weather was averaging high 20s, and the city lacked any Christmas spirit- sure there were tress sprouting up but the heat/sunshine made it feel fake. Even when guests started saying 'bye, have a merry christmas' I stared rudely at them for a few seconds thinking 'jeez they're a bit early' even though it was mid December.

We did our best to get into the spirit and I bought yet another Christmas cd and we bought a dinky twirling, singing, dancing (almost), fibre optic tree and twinkling lights for our balcony. Christmas presents and cards which arrived in November from my very prepared mum were put up around the tree and we tried to get excited but as I said the sunshine just made it feel not very christmassy. We also (en route to dinner one night) came across a large choir singing their hearts out to Christmas tunes outside St. Mary's cathedral which got us in the mood.

On Christmas morning however we were definitely in the Christmas spirit (we had left out beers and cookies for Santa but seeing as we ate them before he arrived I don't think he was too pleased). We woke up extremely early (early for us not early for normal people on Christmas) and we unwrapped our presents and got very excited I got beautiful Swarovski earrings amongst many other great things from Shan, and i think Shan's best present from me would be his arsenal top from my parents. Opened up presents from family and then had a big cooked breakfast substituting sausages for 'kanga bangas', so we relaxed on our balcony stuffing our faces with breaky and lots of chocolate my mum and dad had sent. Then we got ready to hit the beach (in my new bikini) and yes people in cold Scotland I said the beach! (at least you probably had a christmassy christmas).

So we arrived at Bondi beach and got our bags searched before joining the sea of Santa hats on the sand trying to find a quiet spot proved difficult but we jumped straight into the freezing, refreshing sea anyway and splashed about in the huge waves. Now it was a first for me, spending Christmas on the beach and although I'm used to the threaten of snow it was fantastic being so hot and carefree sunbathing on the beach. It was a fun time, until we had to leave to go to work.

Now we did mind when we first found out we would have to work but when we realised it was double time it was fine and we were working together. It was quiet at work so plenty of time to eat for chocolates and cakes which nice colleagues brought in and we still managed to have a huge Christmas dinner, better than I could've attempted. Finished work for midnight and skyped home to our families, which was great!

christmas day at work
christmas day at work

Boxing day was also a work day but in the morning we had some homemade pancakes then headed out to watch the annual 'Sydney to Hobart boat race' where hundreds of yachts leave the harbour to sail to Tasmania. We then attempted the sales but was as we guessed so stupidly busy.

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