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Celebrating Australia Day!

It's been 224 years since the first fleet arrived in Sydney, the 26th January is a national holiday to remember this, and we had the day off so joined in the celebrations that is Australia Day.

We started off our day by getting some Australia flags to wave and walked down the road at Hyde Park which was lined with vintage cars for the 'motorfest', we seen minis, VW campers, carriages, Australian made Holdens, fire trucks and more.

We visited the free entry Government House and looked around.

Then walked through a very busy Circular Quay to get to The Rocks, where we had a few local brewed beers, first stop, the oldest pub in Sydney the 'Lord of War'. We ate from Market stalls and soaked up the atmosphere. We were lucky with the weather as it had been forecast for a very wet day but we missed most of the rain and then the sun came out very hot.

Australia Day- Sydney's oldest pub

The biggest part of the Australia Day celebrations happen at Darling Harbour so we headed there and seen the Governor of NSW (whose house we had been nosing through earlier) and watched a parade of ships, boats yachts pass through the harbour, then we were treated to a 'firework extravaganza', it lasted half and hour and there was amazing fireworks, fire, laser show, water show all mixed together. There must have been hundreds of thousands of people watching and we had a fantastic view. I would like to recommend anyone who cannot come to Sydney for New Year must, must come for Australia Day as they were equally the best fireworks we have ever seen.

Australia Day

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