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Melbourne | Formula 1 & Shannon's Birthday!

15th Mar 2012 - 18th Mar 2012

Finally after 56 days it was time for Shannon to become as old as me! For Shans birthday I bought tickets to see the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne. We had GP advantage passes and went to Albert Park for the four days. Throughout the weekend we watched on the track- V8 supercar challenge with a Mercedes SLS, V8 car and last years McLaren F1 car, we watched V8 race, Formula Ford, Carrera Cup, Renault Red Bull Race Off. In the air we seen RAAF Fighter Jet, the Roulettes (like red arrows), and a Qantas 747 fly over on race day. Albert Park is huge and we did a lot of walking- we bought matching McLaren t-shirts (Shan in supporting Hamilton and I'm supporting Button), Shan also got a hat, and he got a facial in the Loreal tent, we watched the Crusty Demons stunt bikes and on Race Day we walked the Main Straight before non GP advantage holders arrived. We were taking photos when a pit marshall said he'd take our camera and get some up close photos of the closed pit lane, which was cool. Then we queued along with hundreds of others and seen all the F1 drivers arrive, including old ex drivers, presenters and other celebs. I got De Resta and Senna's autographs in my programme and Shannon was thrilled when Hamilton signed his hat!!

F1, Melbourne
F1, Melbourne

Oh and of course we watched all of the F1. We seen the practises on Friday and Saturday morning and then the qualifier where Hamilton got pole position, and Button 2nd. Then on Sunday we watched from our stand- 'Senna' which was in a great position on turn 16, we could see them come round the corner then go down the main straight/pit. We watched the as the ear deafening race began, the first race of 2012. We watched as they flew passed us, we watched the big screen in front of us and listened to commentary on the radio. It was a good race and amazing to be there, even more amazing was Button won! Vettel came 2nd and Hamilton 3rd! After the race the gates were opened and we jumped onto the track, walked around, picking up random bits of car tyre and seeing the F1 cars up close.

It was Shannon's 24th Birthday on the Saturday (St. Paddy's Day), so before we left for the F1 he opened all his cards and presents and then at night I surprised him with a cheese cake birthday cake. Shan thinks its probably one of the best birthdays he's ever had, going to the formula 1 grand prix!

Shannon's Birthday

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