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Only 9 weeks left of our amazing adventure!

9th Apr 2012 - 18th Apr 2012 -

Drove back to Brisbane and parked up on Cricket Street across from number 81- our old house. We went for dinner on Caxton Street before re-tracing our old steps- where we'd either be laden down with shopping bags and crates of beer or I'd be running home from work in my sweaty, swollen, fish splattered feet. We slept on Cricket Street that night and it felt a little odd being back.

We had been half heartedly thought we could look for a few weeks work because we have time and also it will help the money situation. But after going through the websites and emailing people our only hope was pinned on a door to door job, we both had an 'interview', got all washed and ready only to find out it was a teenager who was growing his first patch of facial hair. We both decided not to take the job, which was selling solar panels.

We also went to see Titanic 3D which was as good as ever but all the more sad knowing 100 years ago real people were on the ill fated ship. Also whilst in Brisbane we went to Australia's largest Urban music festival- Supafest. We seen all the big acts and rapped along with our hands in the air to Chris Brown, Ludacris, Ice Cube, T Pain, Kelly Rowland, Trey Songz, Lupe Fiasco, Naughty by Nature and more! We had a fun day all ya mutha f**kers!

Then it was back to Surfers Paradise and to get more use out of our 3 park passes. We went to Sea World and seen gentoo and king penguins, more sharks and mantas we touched sea cucumbers and starfish (now supposedly known as sea stars). We also seen our first ever pelicans, and they are huge! We went back to Warner Bros. Movie World too but it's still damn schoolies week (or 3) so still busy, but we went on brand new ride- Arkham Asylum which was awesome, with feet hanging and corkscrews all the way. We seen all the looney tunes characters and batman, superwoman and Marilyn Monroe.

We treated ourselves to a new hugely cool waterproof fancy features camera and are having fun trying out all the features including 3D photos! Spent time sunbaking on the beach but every night whilst we were asleep it would rain so hard and then be dry the next day.

And we have finally got round to booking our flights home. We are flying with air china back to Gatwick on the 24th June!! So only got 9 weeks to go, exciting and odd feeling at the same time.

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