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Pre-departure and how we decided to travel

1st Jun 2011 -

A little story about Shannon and me getting together and deciding to go travelling....

We were only friends at the time that Shannon first mentioned that he wanted to go travelling the following year, he also mentioned in the same conversation that he wanted a girlfriend but wouldn't be able to, if he was to go travelling.

I had fancied Shannon for a while by this point, and hearing this information made me think that I could be his girlfriend and we could go travelling together....

We did end becoming boyfriend and girlfriend soon after and almost immediately started planning our travels. We also booked to go to Malta on holiday, only 4 months after we got together. I thought it was sweet but later transpired he wanted to see if he could handle me, alone, and abroad. I passed.

During the next few months we looked on the Internet and researched possible places to go to. I took on a part time job while Shannon continuously worked overtime.

In September we booked our flights- leaving on 4th June 2011. Flying from Heathrow to Bangkok in Thailand, we then would take another flight from Singapore to Cairns in Australia one month later. The next few months we keep researching Internet and other blogs for ideas where we should travel to. In January we ordered our Australian 'working visas' and get a quick response. The visas cost around £160 each. We finalised our plans- we would go round Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore before going to Australia. We booked our travel insurance through travel and get one month insurance for £34 for both of us (we would sort out Australian insurance when we got there as it was too difficult to organise).

During our last few months we packed up and sent stuff back to my mum and dad in Scotland, we both worked for our local airline so thankfully don't have to pay excess, held a few car boot sales and sold belongings on a local selling page on facebook. We had our leaving parties and received lovely cards and money including a lovely Guernsey cow keyring from our friends and family.

"And don't worry I'm looking after Shannon and shannons looking after me Xx"

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