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Our Wedding Day

Having been friends for a few years, on the 5th May 2010 we became boyfriend and girlfriend, 8 years later we got engaged in Kos (read about it here) and planned to get married on our 10th anniversary 5th May 2020, but as we all know by now, Covid 19 happened, and our wedding in Croatia was cancelled. In between lockdowns and travel restrictions, we planned and arranged a new wedding date and new wedding venue, by now we were expecting our first baby and wanted to get married before she was born.

On 20th October 2020 (20-10-2020) we boarded Beau Jangles yacht with our nearest and dearest and set sail around Loch Lomond, departing from the gorgeous village of Luss we sailed between islands where we dropped anchor to conduct the ceremony which was held on the top deck of the boat.

Neither of us are religious, so we chose a Humanist Celebrant to conduct our ceremony, after much googling we found Fuze Ceremonies and a wonderful Humanist Celebrant named Susan Krenbrenk, for us she was the perfect person to do the job, we had chosen our own words which Susan read out brilliantly, we kept our words to be fun and personal, helping our families relive our fun times - when we met, our travels abroad, our hobbies and favourite food.

During the ceremony we drank from the ‘Quaich’ which is an ancient Scottish tradition that seals the bond of two people and marks the blending of two families, it symbolises the trust and bond as the new couple share the first drink of marriage, it is traditionally whisky in the Quaich, however due to being 7 months pregnant, we went for a twist and drank some good Scottish Irn-Bru instead!

At the ceremony we also took part in ‘hand fasting’ which is ancient Celtic/Medieval custom in which two people come together to declare of their own free will that they intend to marry. You can use ribbons, or as in our case two pieces of tartan, we stood face to face whilst reciting words of commitment as our hands were bound together with the tartan, this is where the phrase “tying the knot” comes from, and for that reason alone we thought the idea was fantastic.

The setting was perfect, the autumnal colours of the trees nearby and on the hills and mountains we were surrounded by were so atmospheric, there was low mist clinging to the hills and the loch was peaceful and still. It had stayed dry for the ceremony - the main part, and for that we were grateful. Rain was expected, and Loch Lomond has its own micro climate so we knew there was a chance the rain would come.

After the ceremony we made our way back down to the cosy and gorgeous indoors area of the boat, where we had champagne (and soft drinks), our families, now one, enjoyed the views as we sailed back to Luss and chatted away, whilst we went outside for photographs, a light drizzle was now starting but that wasn’t dampening our spirits, Loch Lomond is absolutely stunning whatever the weather.

When we arrived back at Luss Pier, the drizzle got heavier, just in time for all the family photographs! It was rather comical though and part of the whole experience! Our families headed to the hotel where we were staying overnight, it was just a 5 minute walk to the Lodge on Loch Lomond hotel, whilst we headed for more photographs around the village of Luss, before joining them at the hotel.

Being it was still in the middle of the pandemic, we were not permitted to drink alcohol in the bar or restaurant, only drinking either outside (in the rain) or in our hotel rooms, so after a lovely 3 course meal in the restaurant which overlooks the loch, we headed to our suite and had a little party in the room. (Read about our hotel stay here)

We had a lovely wedding day, everything happened exactly as we would have wished and after 10 years of dating we were finally husband and wife!

A special thanks to Captain Richard of Beau Jangles , Susan Krenbrenk of and our photographer Greg from

And a massive, heartfelt thank you to our families for attending our wedding, we love you all xx

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