Spain | My Gran Turns 80!

April 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th

The time had finally came, we were making progress down to the Costa Del Sol, we just had to find our Airbnb

first, but the address was hard to find, we ended up asking some locals for help, who then even called the owner to help us. Once inside the apartment we were so chuffed, it was absolutely massive, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry room, balcony which stretched the length of the apartment, with mountain views and a pool.

We quickly hot footed it out the apartment in Benalmádena though and made our way to the hotel my family were staying just down the road in Torremolinos, emailing my Mum to see where everyone was, they were in a bar just on the promenade. I had fantasised of how I would approach my Gran and Papa to surprise them, but in the end when I seen them I just went and sat in-between them, they were both so surprised and utterly shocked!! We were in our element at managing to pull this all off, and forever grateful to my Mum and Dad for managing to keep the secret, it must have been stressful for them.

I don't think my Gran has got over the surprise yet, and I will treasure actually meeting up with them on holiday for a long time!!

We spent our time together going walks along the prom, to the marina, for lots of beers, and yummy food, we went to a beach cafe called La Fragata twice for lunch as the food was spot on, and massive portions. One day we had drank 4 pints before lunch time! I was giving out €'s to the men who were creating sand sculptures and feeling rather merry. We got some sunbathing and a dip in my families hotel pool.

And on my Gran's birthday we cracked open the bubbly that we had as special cargo in the car the whole way here, then headed out to the number 1 steak house in Torremolinos 'Meatina Brasserie', the meal was amazing and the staff had decorated the table with banners and balloons. Then we sang Happy Birthday with the cake that Mum had bought locally. Then headed out for a few drinks in a near by beach cafe.

It was so amazing to spend time with my family and to be with my Gran on her very special day!

The next morning my family were leaving early for the airport, we went along to say bye to them then nipped down to their breakfast hall and ate their buffet breakfast!! Hehehe!!

And then we were on our way too.... another long day of driving ahead.

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