Bulls, Shannon, Wellington and LOTR

Sept 22nd- 27th

Leaving Taupo we had a long days driving ahead as we would be making our way to Wellington by the evening, which would be over 370km away, with a few stops along the way.

Our route would be taking us through the town of Bulls. We had visited on the Kiwi Experience a few years back and loved the 'punny' approach the town took on. The town was founded by James Bull, an English settler who established the first general store. (Now I had been led to believe last time it was named so after a series of tests on bulls lactating was researched to see if it could work for human transgenders, but now I have researched it and can't find that info anywhere?!?)

Everything has been renamed with a pun, the towns slogan is 'A town like no udder' and the police station below called 'Consta-bull'.


Continuing on we took a drive through the near by Palmerston North, which also was full of gorgeous art deco buildings

Palmerston North
Palmerston North

Then onto Shannon- no not my Shannon- a town named Shannon! We'd seen it on the map and knew we must stop!!

When Shannon arrived in Shannon

Then we still had 2 hours drive to Wellington, we drove past the Kapiti coast (my fave Kiwi ice-cream). We had booked the YHA hostel for $77pp and picked up a new free membership card which gives you discounts. We'd chosen a hostel as there seemed to be a lack of campsites- no doubt being as its the city, capital city none the less.

We got up to a lot whilst in Wellington and loved it all, it did make us think that maybe we should have moved here and found work as it seems such a great place.

At Peterpan's we had also booked to go the the WETA Workshop which is located in Miramar just 20 minutes out of the city. WETA is home to world-leading design and effects facility servicing the world’s creative industries, the most famous being Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, and King Kong. We went on a one hour tour and seen models, figures, miniatures and a lots of interesting props. No photos allowed inside the studios, but the shop was full of things.

Weta Hobbit Feet
Weta- Saron's sword LOTR
Weta- Saron's costume
Weta- Uruk-hai
Weta- Jane and the Dragon
Weta- King Kong

One day we took a drive out to Kaitoke National Park located 50 minutes north east of the city, the park is part of the Lord Of The Rings film location, home of the Elves - Rivendell.