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Ever Spent The Night In Jail?

It was Shannon's worst nightmare, we were both going to be locked up in a cell for 3 nights. Locked up in a space with not much room for our bags, bars covering the tiny window. The worst part for Shannon was we had a choice in the matter, but he had decided to listen to me and it was all my doing.

We were located in the fascinating former Addington Prison in Christchurch. Former as it was a prison from 1874 to 1999. When opened the building catered for the needs of both sentenced and remand prisoners, used throughout the years as a jail, a woman's prison and a military camp. Since 2006 it has been a hostel, where the visitors choose to come here.The Gothic Revival architecture was stunning with lots of character and it felt cosy despite being constructed from 60cm thick concrete. The top rated, award winning hostel is now a must on the backpacker trail.

Of course that is if you are not claustrophobic like Shannon is, he was finding it too surreal to be behind a heavy steel door of which real prisoners once had been housed. He went to sleep each night dreaming that he was being chased by the police and they were going to arrest him. He awoke feeling afraid and haunted.

I on the other hand absolutely loved it, it was such a thrilling experience and so different than regular hostels, it was a once in a life time experience, and the only jail I ever want to be in again!

We had paid for this luxury at $56 pn for us both in a twin dorm. There is a range of cells to chose from 2-10 bed dorms, and private rooms.

Also inside this fascinating building which is a 'NZ Historic Places Trust Listed Heritage Building' there were historical display rooms, with art work drawn by previous in-mates, a cinema room, you could rent bikes, it had a large kitchen and plenty of lounging areas.

Also as we had our car we were pleased to get one of the free off-street parking spaces (subject to availability).

Despite Shannon's worries, we both thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Jail and no trip to Christchurch is complete without a stay in Jail!!

Be an inmate here!

338 Lincoln Road Addington, Christchurch New Zealand

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