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Supercar ExperienceDay

For anyone that loves cars then having a track day, racing supercars is one of the best experiences you can do!

Hey, Shannon here! I don’t often blog, rather leave that to the expert, but I had to write about my recent experience. In the middle of the pandemic, when the restrictions were eased I finally got to use my Christmas present from Pam. It was a day driving supercars at the Ingliston Circuit in Edinburgh.

The Ingliston circuit is situated within the Royal Highland Centre, the original circuit was built in 1965 and has seen a lot of famous faces throughout the years including David Coulthard doing a hot lap in his F1 car, although motor racing ended in the mid-nineties, the circuit is now used for supercar experience days.

Arriving at the venue you’ll immediately feel the buzz and excitement, you’ll hear the cars before you see them as they rev and speed around the track. First, you’ll receive a full safety briefing in the classroom (and sales pitch- trying to get you to upgrade to the better cars and add on extras like in-car filming, additional insurance and extra laps) before heading out to the pitlane.

There is a range of packages to chose from, with a range of supercars to chose from (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW and others). I opted for the Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Pam was hanging out track side at the the spectators lounge, which was an outdoor area facing the track, so I left her and ventured out to the track where a very knowledgeable and trained instructor in the car with you to give you driving tips and empowers you to get the best from your experience. You get three laps in each supercar and then you can purchase as many extra laps as you would like on the day, I chose to do an additional three laps in each car which I would totally recommend as it take a couple of laps to get to grips with the track if you haven't been before.

Behind the wheel was absolutely awesome! After getting to grips with the car, it was thrilling! It goes in too fast though, so those extra laps are highly recommended. One thing though, I felt I couldn’t get to the top speed as the track is too short, so I couldn’t get the full benefit of the cars. Both the Lamborghini and Aston Martin were amazing to drive, I’ve never done anything like it before and immediately I just wanted to keep trying out more cars!

Also included in all driving packages is a passenger ride in the supercharged Ariel Atom, and wow! the Atom is wicked! The trained and professional drivers are speedy and as you accelerate down the first straight then turn the corners, you are pinned to the back of the seat as everything goes past in a blur! The Ariel Atom is the most thrilling ride!

I paid for the additional insurance which I felt guilt tripped into, it was a £25 accident waiver, in case I pranged the car or done worse damage, it was a no brainer than I was going to pay it - I didn’t want to risk paying out £4000 in damages, everyone I saw also took up the insurance, I just wished we knew this prior to visiting.


It cost £129 for the three laps in the two supercars and the Arial Atom. This was a deal on but also look out on other voucher websites as well as too. Then to do three extra laps in each car, I paid an additional £60. And then as mentioned an additional £25 insurance. You can also pay £30 for in-car photographs.

What to bring

E-voucher or printed confirmation, driving licence, extra money and fully charged phone to take your own images.

Useful information

Allow up to three hours on site for the full experience. Perhaps visit on weekdays or quieter times, as the queues can back up for the popular cars.

Spectators are welcome to watch from the track side, depending on weather, bring something warm to wear, and a camping seat is very handy. There is food and coffee stalls at the ‘spectators lounge’ or bring your own flask.

Address: Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston Road, Edinburgh EH28 8NB

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