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Queenstown (Part 2)

Oct 23rd- 26th

After leaving Queenstown a few weeks ago, Shannon couldn't get the thought of doing a bungy jump out of his head, and we had plenty of time, so we decided we would return to Queenstown.

We checked back into Base Hostel and asked for the same room, as the boys we shared the room with were bound to still be there and Shannon had enjoyed their banter. The 6 bed dorm with en-suite was $29pp. And Shannon was right, his mates were still there and delighted to see him back. One night they went out together, I was of course invited but was more than content to have a relaxing evening by myself, using up the internet that we'd purchased. Shannon had a good night out, the rest of the boys came back in the early hours and one brought a girl back, making all kinds of noises on the top bunk opposite me, but nothing more intrusive than the girl snoring so loudly!

And then of course it was time for the Nevis Bungy New Zealand's Highest Bungy. I had contemplated doing it too but having just done the sky dive I didn't feel the need to do it. So Shan set off to the location 45 minutes out of town, with scenic views along the way. The duration of the trip would be 4 hours and $275.

His group went out to the site which is a suspended pod located 134 metres above the stunning Nevis River via a cable car. He had already been briefed before hand on how to hold yourself, how to release the clip after the jump (so you can be seated when brought back up, if not you'll be upside down on the way up).

He said he was sh*tting his pants before hand but was also really excited. The free fall jump from the platform takes just 8.5 seconds to fall the 134 metres. He recorded it all on our Go Pro and the footage is so funny, it really is such a fun thing!

Ate at Ferg burger again and tried Flame Bar and Grill which had delicious steaks!

Now we like to watch a lot of YouTube and one that we have been following for a while is 'Kinging It' a couple, Craig and Aimee from Wales that are travelling the world, and they are currently in Queenstown on their working holiday visa. We nervously emailed them asking if they were free to meet sometime, and they kindly said yes, they'd love to. So one night we met them and went to a few bars, they were such amazing people, and so relatable to us, it was so nice to meet people that are on the same wavelength and they are YouTube stars! So cool!

Alway like to check out the camping shops like Katmandu and we came across the backpack come baby carrier... one day??!

Just 45 minutes from Queenstown lie Glenorchy, nestled on the northern shores of Lake Wakatipu. The drive there was breathtakingly beautiful (photo on our home page is of the drive there, we never tire of dreaming over it).

In Glenorchy you can hike, jet boat, kayak and horse trek. We simply drove around looking at the lake and at some of the Lord of the Rings film locations. Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) described Glenorchy as "This is the Middle‑earth I had always pictured".

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