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A Walk At The Knapps

Knapps Loch, known as The Knapps, is a 2.1km circular loop trail that is located near Kilmacolm, Inverclyde, Scotland.

Knapps Loch is a man made loch, created in the 20th century by local anglers for their fishing club (and today fishing is by permit only) The Loch is shallow, with a number of islands and you can wander in any direction, we walked anti clock-wise past the loch, over some higher ground, where we passed by free roaming cows, who didn’t bother with us at all, down a hill and into a small forest, coming out of the forest you are again level with the loch and you can wander around the edge of the water watching paddle boats or dogs jumping into the water to cool down after their walk. We covered the walk in around 40 minutes and the level of difficulty was easy (and that was Pam carrying Gigi in her baby carrier)

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How to get to The Knapps:

15 minute drive from Glasgow Airport. Type in "The Knapps Kilmacolm" into Google Maps on your phone. Or click the Interactive Map below.

There is decent amount of parking which is free.

A video of our day exploring The Knapps...

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