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Flight Checker easyJet EDI - GVA

We recently took a flight to Geneva with easyJet and we wanted to share our flight details with you. So check out our Flight Checker easyJet EDI - GVA

Airline- easyJet

Date- 14th February 2020

Flight Number- EZY6903

Route- EDI – GVA Edinburgh to Geneva

Airport Experience- First time we had ever been to Edinburgh Airport, struggled to find the long stay parking but airport all fine, it was all self service to check in, weigh your own luggage and take over to the carousel. There is a lot of renovations works happening currently, so some areas boarded up for works, but plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants.

Hold Luggage- 1x 26 kg hold luggage @ £42.49 each way

Hand Luggage- 2 bags up to 7kg each

Price- including outbound flight £439 for us both and 1 bag

Booked through-

Aircraft Type- A319 neo

Flight Time- 2 hours 10

Departure Time- 0630 departed 15 minutes late at 0645

ETA- 0940

Seat Number- 19A and 19B

Seat- Good seats, had an extra seat next to us. Shannon always, always gets the window, but he was knackered and went to sleep so we swapped around. I stayed awake the whole journey taking a million photos of the sunrise

Aircraft- The aircraft was lovely; we like the wide aisles on airbus and the seats were thin but comfy

TV- No

Occupancy- Maybe around ¾ full

Time Difference from Departure- +1 hour

Crew- The purser was hilarious with his announcements saying things likeThought I would leave you in peace, but I am working on commission here” and “now dimming the cabin lights to make the crew more attractive”

Reading- Did not have time due being Paparazzi Pam

Meal- We had grabbed some food at EDI airport

Drinks- Water to keep us hydrated

Views From The Plane Window- Took off for sunrise over Edinburgh and followed the sunrise the whole way, it was cloudy most of the way, but it did clear as we flew over London which was cool to see. Our flight path took us over Paris which was unfortunately clouded over. As we started our descent, we could see the Swiss countryside and then beautiful views of Lake Geneva and surrounding mountains

Flight conditions- As we were above the clouds it was a smooth journey

Flight Reason- Travelling to Geneva to stay one night before going on a skiing trip to Portes Du Soleil

Verdict- Great flight, cannot fault easyJet

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