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How To Bag A Free Hotel Stay!

The title really should read ‘How To Bag A Free Hotel Stay! and How To Get A Free Upgrade! and Even Get Cash Back!’

Because it is true, you really can bag a free hotel stay and upgrade your room for free and get cash back!

Read on to see how you can get this awesome deal too!!

We use Expedia to book our hotel rooms and there are some great incentives to do so.

After qualifying for ‘Gold Status’ by spending a certain amount each year you get a special members price which is 10% discount or more off selected hotels which are advertised on the Expedia website.

Expedia points are added each time you make a booking, the amount varies depending on what membership level you are on ‘Blue, Silver or Gold’ and you can also receive bonus points for certain hotels but on average we get 120 points per £1 spend. You can also look out for ‘VIP’ hotels and these give you bonus points and offer added extras like free room upgrades, free breakfast, free spa facilities.

Those points that are being added up on Expedia can be used to get a reduced price or even a free night or two!

For example- we recently stayed at the 5* Hotel d’Angleterre in Geneva which is a VIP hotel. We had enough Expedia points to cover the entire cost of the hotel which was £303. (That was using 21,230 Expedia points) so when I went on the Expedia website it says ‘use points/ remove points’ so I clicked that I wanted to use my points and the total came to £0! We also got an upgrade from a Classic Queen to a Junior Suite, which hotel will strive to do for VIP guests (when available), our breakfast was included as part of VIP as well and we got free early check-in. So instead of what would have cost over £303 (remember I also received 10% as an Expedia member) we only had to pay the city tax which was around €4 each for the night.

To break it down- currently I have £128 in Expedia points. If I book a regular hotel, I will get £128 off the price. If the hotel cost is more, I get the £128 deducted. If it is less, the remaining points will remain.

If I book a VIP hotel, I get double the £128 so = £256 worth.

So, VIP hotels can be more expensive to begin with, but you receive more discount when spending your points.

Here are some examples we are looking at now-

Examples based on 1 night – Croatia, April 2020

  • Radisson Blu Resort £170 (inc. 10% discount) for just £25 Hotel Vestibul Palace VIP £127 (inc. 10% discount) for free!

  • Hotel Marmont Heritage £165 (inc. 10% discount) for £19

  • Atrium Hotel £122 VIP (inc. 10% discount) for free!

Now that is just one way to get a cheaper or free night’s stay. Make sure you do not buy direct through Expedia’s website but rather visit first and search for Expedia then click into their website from there.

Click this link to sign up to Top Cash Back

Expedia is always on Top Cash Back and the % back varies from 6% - 11% per night. For example. We purchased a night’s stay on Expedia for £200 and received £12 into our cash back account (6% cash back).

Ultimately you can use all your cash back for a free night stay by withdrawing the cash into your bank account. And remember you can use Top Cash Back for thousands of purchases online so you can make money fast!

And to actually make money when buying a hotel stay-

Even although I knew we had the points to cover our free hotel stay, I still went via the Top Cash Back website and even although it was free, I still made £27.29 in cash back!!

> check out our blog post all about topcashback <

Okay so that was all very exciting and may have rambled a little so to recap:

Visit Top Cash Back website by clicking this link and registering Visit Expedia website and register Keep booking hotel stays (and car hire, flights, package holidays, experiences…) to build your levels up so you can receive more Expedia points and bonus points. When you have any points, you can transfer into getting money off a night stay or wait until you have enough points to bag yourself a free night stay. Booking a VIP hotel will double your Expedia points thus giving you more for your money. Remember- even with your free night stay- still click through the Top Cash Back website to get cash back!

We would love to know when you have done this yourself and what and where you have managed to bag for free!

If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help!

Drop us an email or comment below!!

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