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How Would You Like Free Money?

Like who doesn’t want free money ?!

First of all- there is no catch. Zero catch. It is extremely easy, and it works.

We joined TopCashback 12 months ago and so far, we have made over £1000! And that is just by doing our ‘normal’ online shopping, it really is just money for nothing.

Below we will go into more detail for you but simply put-

Instead of going directly onto your desired retailers’ website, head to then in the search bar type in the retailer you wish to visit. It will only take around 20 seconds longer to do this.

There are thousands of retailers and exclusive cashback offers (more on the offers below), just browse then click onto the retailers linked page then shop as usual.

But you probably want to know how you get free money?

Well, the retailers pay TopCashback commission for your purchase and TopCashback add this to your earnings.

How do you get started?

(See I knew you would be interested!)

All you need to do is click this link and sign up, all you need to start is an email address and then start shopping.

You can keep check of your purchases on the ‘account’ tab on your dashboard, some money is instant and some such as hotel bookings can take up to 30 days after your stay. The cashback will either say Pending / Confirmed / Payable

Click here to get signed up in seconds and start earning free money!

Withdrawing your cash!

When you have the minimum amount to cash out, you can withdraw it into your bank account.

Increasing your money!

Or it is even possible to increase this amount by 5% up to 15% by choosing another pay out option such a an e-gift card (e-gift cards include Just Eat giving you an additional 5%, Primark giving you an additional 10%, Costa Coffee giving you an additional 10%, Dining Out gift card 15%) (our local shopping mall also gives us 10% which we have used, and it is such easy money!)

Examples of the money we have received

The percentages amounts change but some examples we have got are below-

Expedia- Hotel booking of 1 night 9% cashback eg. £100 pn hotel room receive £9 cash back

Expedia- Hotel booking of 2 nights or more 11% cashback eg. £100 pn x7 nights receive £77 cashback

Tui- package holidays 2% cashback eg. We paid £900 for our trip to Croatia and received £18 cash back

Travel Super Market- Travel insurance policy up to £100 receive 21% cashback

And it isn’t just about Travel. You can also get money back on groceries, clothing, health supplements -

Sainsburys- new customers £9.60

Amazon- up to 10%

Holland & Barrett- 9.6%

>>>> <<<<

You can also receive an additional £5 bonus by clicking on this link when you join up!!

One last time (but seriously, feel free to message us to ask any other questions!)

When you shop online, simply sign in to your TopCashback account and click through to the retailer where you want to shop. By doing this, you will earn cashback on every purchase you make - whether you are booking a holiday, flights, buying your groceries, taking out car insurance or choosing gifts for Christmas. It really is one of the easiest ways to make money. There is nothing dodgy about it. You aren't stealing money, it's totally legit!

Just be sure to get in the habit of checking TopCashback before you buy something online!

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