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Herm Calendar 2019

Shannon and I woke up at 5am one summer morning to the noise of the fog horn, a rather normal occurrence in the Channel Islands I must say. However upon looking out our skylight window we could see that the sun was rising through the low fog, so we quickly jumped out of bed, grabbing our drone to try caputure the sunrise and fog in the islands.

The views were surreal with the fog around Guernsey getting thicker as it reached Herm and Sark.

We loved our footage but didn't have anywhere other than Instagram to showcase it, until we seen a competition to try win a spot on Herm's 2019 calendar. Could we do it? We applied along with hundreds of others and then heard the news we had been short listed by the judges to the top 25, which then were voted for via Facebook. We couldn't go any further could we?...

YES!!! Our image had been selected to be featured on Herm Islands 2019 calendar! 😁

We were over the moon and cannot believe we had been selected to feature! We cannot wait for January 2019 to hang our new calendar on our wall!

The calendar also features 11 other stunning and well captured images from around this tiny, paradise island - which lies just a 20 minute boat ride from Guernsey. The other images showcase the best of Herm, from sunsets, to local wildlife, to the golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

We are particularly excited to have our image published on a calendar, as for the past numerous years we have made our own calendar using images we have taken in the previous 12 months, and gift these to our families at Christmas.

Watch our video of that foggy morning here!

To order your copy of the Herm 2019 calendar you can call +44 01481 750030 or visit Herm's website or visit Herm's Facebook page or just pop into the Herm Gift Shop on the beautiful island.

The calendars are £7.50 (Including U.K. P&P) £10 Europe and R.O.T.W. (including P&P)

*This post is not in any way sponsored by Herm or an advertisement for Herm, we are just delighted and over the moon to have our aerial image of Herm in the fog published!

*The competition was entered under Pamela's name and not under the Soaring Through The Sky name.

#herm #guernsey #ChannelIslands #personalthoughts

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