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Queenstown | Places You Have To Eat & Drink

There is so many cool and exciting places to eat and drink at in Queenstown, there will be many more happening places but here is a list of the places we loved!


If you haven’t been to Queenstown yet there is still a good chance you’ll already have heard of the infamous Fergburger. Even if you don’t like following the crowd this place is an utter must. The burgers are huge and easily, hands down one, if not, the best burger ever! There’s a vast menu, therefore we’d recommend you go more than once!

Fergburger Location: 42 Shotover St Queenstown 9300

Devil Burger

Equally as good as Fergburger but without the same following you’ll find Devil Burger located a few streets back from Fergburger. There is a big menu choice and for any Scot, they do amazing curry sauce (you may struggle else where in NZ to get a good curry sauce).

Devil Burger Location: 10 Church Street Queenstown 9300

Fat Badger

If you want to go big on your pizza then the only option for you is Fat Badger, their pizzas are a whopping 20 inch New York style and utterly awesome.

Fat Badger Location: Camp St Queenstown Lakes District 9300

Caribe Latin Kitchen

Like Mexican? Like Latin American? Like Caribbean? Then Caribe Latin Kitchen is just the place! Set in a quirky little shop you can grab a stool or bench or grab the food to go. Choose from tapas, nachos, burritos, quesadillas, tacos and more!

Caribe Latin Kitchen Location: 36 Ballarat St, Queenstown 9300

Flame Bar & Grill

If you fancy a little treat, then head to Flame Bar & Grill a lovely steak house with amazing views over the water try a burger, steak, ribs or seafood amongst other tasty looking menu choices. The menu gets more expensive for dinner so maybe try out lunch instead, and also check local websites for cheap deals like Jucy

Flame Bar & Grill Location: 61 Beach St Queenstown Lakes District 9300


You want a proper view with your food? Then head up to Skyline Queenstown and have a buffet lunch or buffet dinner at Stratosfare restaurant. The restaurant sits high above Queenstown on Bob’s Peak and juts out of the mountain edge giving the most amazing and spectacular views from the oversized wrap round windows. The food is glorious, but you may spend too much time looking at the view rather than what is on your plate. Again, be sure to check out voucher sites for deals and go for lunch over dinner if you want to save money, or go for dinner and time it for sunset.

Stratosfare Location: Brecon St Queenstown 9348

The World Bar

Looking for cocktails like no other? Then head to The World Bar where you get your cocktail served in a teapot. Yes, that will be a teapot cocktail!! All very fun and amusing. They also do food and normal drinks at this lively bar.

The World Bar Location: 11 Beach St Queenstown Lakes District 9300

Patagonia Chocolates

So, you have a deep craving for ice cream, like all the time, like you can’t see someone else with one and not get one yourself? Or you are just a like seizing the moment for a picture-perfect Instagram shot? Then head to Patagonia Chocolates, of course indulge in the handcrafted quality chocolates that the shop is famous for but also try their award-winning assortment of artisan ice creams, sorbet and frozen yoghurt

Patagonia Chocolates Location: 50 Beach St Queenstown Lakes District 9300

Below Zero Ice Bar

And to round off a day (or two) of eating lots then wrap up warm (jacket and gloves provided) and head to Below Zero Ice Bar where you drink from an ice glass whilst sitting on an ice block admiring ice sculptures. It is cold but also very fun! Again try finding a deal online for entry and drink combo,

Below Zero Ice Bar Location: Searle Lane, Otago, New Zealand Queenstown 9300

Okay, so if you've been to Queenstown we would love your feedback on places to eat and drink too, you know, in case we go back again!

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