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Shannon Turns 30 | Reflecting On 30 Awesome Travel Moments

In celebration of Shannon turning 30 years old on 17th March we've complied a list of 30 of his 'awesome moments whilst travelling' Enjoy reflecting with us in this photo diary, more info on each special moment can be found in the destinations tab and select the country.


Be it volcanoes such as Mt Bromo or Mt Batur, on the Sydney Bridge , a hike around UlurauNational Park or a 8 hour trek across snowy Tongariro, the need for a good climb and the rewards at the top are worth the climb.

Sunrise trek to Mt Batur, Bali, Indonesia

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Tongariro Crossing, South Island, New Zealand

Trekking 'The Olgas' Kata Tjuta, part of Uluru National Park


Getting up close and personal with all kinds of animals on land and in the sea

Swimming with black tip reef sharks, Langkawi, Malaysia

Feeding kangaroos, Australia

Crocodile feeding, Darwin, Australia

Swimming with dolphins in the wild, Kaikoura, New Zealand

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia


While everyone knows LOTR rings was filmed in New Zealand, it is amazing to visit the sets of Hobbiton, and visit the WETA workshop, and stumble upon other film locations

Hobbiton, New Zealand


Oh how could I not include some of my favourite meals!

Demolishing a kilo steak and winning the meal for free upon completion, Sydney

Check the size of this pizza from Sals, Auckland, New Zealand

Went to Italy for a week... only ate pizza!


Nothing will beat driving top of the range cars for a job but I've also had fun driving other cars and watching the F1

4WD Fraser Island, Australia

F1 Melbourne, Australia

Driving fast / amazing cars for work, Sydney, Australia

Road tripping the outback, Australia


Got to love a bit of adventure...!

Erawan Falls, Thailand

Snorkelling at a ship wreck, Amed, Indonesia

Franz Josef Glacier hike and helicopter ride, Franz Josef, New Zealand

Sky diving, Wanaka, New Zealand

Bungy Jump, Queenstown, New Zealand

Canyon Swing, Queenstown, NZ

Sand boarding in New Zealand

Wakening up in the snow Mt Cook, NZ

Luge, Rotorua, New Zealand