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12+ Things To Do In Queenstown

Queenstown is such a natural beauty spot that is rammed full of amazing things to see and do. Check out our 12+ things to do here…

Queenstown is the adventure capital of New Zealand. There is an unlimited amount of adrenaline filled activities including;

  • Shotover Canyon Swing*

  • 134 m Ben Nevis Bungy*

  • Thunder jet

  • Luge

  • Parasailing

  • 43 m Kawarau Bridge Bungy

  • Ledge Bungy

The Shotover Canyon Swing is where you launch yourself from a 109m high platform in for a 200m swing with a 60m vertical free fall down a steep rocky cliff face. Priced from $229

The 134m Ben Nevis Bungy is for the most daring of adrenalin junkies, an 8.5 second freefall where you can kiss the water below. Priced from $275

The Thunder Jet is a powerful jet boat which whisks you around the scenic river of the Kawarau, if you can focus straight you’ll be in for a treat with spectacular views, including scenery from Lord Of The Rings. Priced from $125

The Luge is a pretty exciting activity based at the top of the gondola of the Skyline Queenstown. You are in a go-cart type vehicle and you steer yourself down tracks, going at quite some speed. Priced from $49

Parasailing is can also be relaxing and you can take in the utterly amazing scenery around you, for others just being attached by a cord and parachute may keep the adrenaline going. Priced from $159

The original AJ Hackett Bungy at Kawarau Bridge is still super popular even if it is only 43m compared to the Nevis at 134m. You can be a spectator at the bridge and watch those fearless enough jumping. Priced from $205

The Ledge bungy is also at the top of the Skyline Queenstown and at 400 m above the town it looks pretty spectacular, best done at night when the area is glittering in street lights and stars. Priced from $205

If you want to enjoy the areas natural beauty, then try the following;

  • Scale Ben Lomond

  • Gondola and panoramic views*

  • Visit Arrowtown

  • Visit Glenorchy*

  • Walk around Queenstown Gardens

If you are feeling adventurous and love a good view then try climbing a mountain- Ben Lomond which is of medium to hard level of climbing read all about our experience here but the views from the summit are the most ‘remarkable’ (boom boom).

If you don’t want to be climbing to the top of a mountain for spectacular views then you don’t need to, you can take the gondola to the Skyline Queenstown for $35 or add on Luge tickets costing $49 + or have lunch / dinner and the gondola price for $65 + The lunch / dinner at the Stratosfare is a must do, its all you can eat buffet and the views from the restaurant are out of this world. Look out for deals for Skyline Queenstown online at Jucy and check out Skyline’s website too for more details. The views from the Skyline are breathtaking and really must be seen to be believed, the views stretch over The Remarkables and down to Queenstown itself.

Just a 25 minute drive from Queesnstown you will find Arrowtown, a historic gold mining town which is charming and picturesque (bear in mind when they say ‘historic’ it is relative to New Zealand terms but it was in fact founded in 1862).

In the other direction of Queenstown, you will find Glenorchy which lies 30 km up Lake Wakatipu, the views en-route are breath-taking and alone worth the drive, Glenorchy itself is a stunning little settlement, mainly geared up for tourists, it has a few pubs, shops and cafes.

In and around Queenstown itself is lovely with a ski resort feel. Head to the Queenstown Gardens to soak up a relaxing atmosphere or indeed to play frisbee golf. The views surrounding the park and gorgeous.

If you like food, then check out our top places to eat & drink in Queenstown as there is so many cool, quirky and delicious places to eat!!

In the winter there is also skiing at the Remarkables and in the summer be sure to check out the mountain bike tracks if that’s your thing.

**Prices correct as of March 2018

*Highly recommend

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