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Travel Blog Yearly Round Up- Reflecting On 2018

This is our final post of the year, and we thought we would celebrate it by reflecting on our last 12 months. It is such a great way to remember and appreciate everything we have seen and done and bought. Even although this is a travel blog, we didn’t do much travelling- abroad at least, but we have covered a lot of bonnie Scotland.

In December of 2017 we left Guernsey to move to Scotland, by February we had found an amazing Tenement flat in Dumbarton, only a 25-minute train ride into Glasgow city centre. The flat was full of period features as well as being modernised and we loved living there.

We welcomed in the New Year of 2018 by staying in Inverness- the capital of the Highlands, we explored the area, visiting Urquhart Castle and ‘ringing in the bells’ at an outdoor event with live music from some amazing Scottish Bands.

We hadn’t planned any holidays abroad as we wanted just to explore and sightsee Scotland, practically every weekend we went travelling around the country, we visited more Castles than we can remember, we glamped in a wooden pod in the heart of The Cairngorms National Park and camped and explored the Isle of Skye, we seen heart-warming things such as wild deer at Glen Etive and heart-wrenching places like Culloden Battlefield. Click here for all Scotland blog posts

We did end up going abroad though, to Kos in Greece with Pam’s family, Shannon’s first time in Greece, whilst in Kos we toured the island and also 5 other islands and also went a day trip to near-by Turkey. The highlight was Shannon proposing to Pam (quite possibly the highlight of the entire year!) After 8 years together, it certainly was a shock (to us both). Click here for Greece blog posts

We started watching Outlander and rapidly became obsessed with the show and its locations, we visited as many sights and locations as we could possibly manage and plan to tick the rest off in 2019. Click here for all Outlander posts

We also bought a kayak and spent every other weekend on the water, it is such a fun, if tiring hobby!

In 2018 we both turned 30 (Pam is 55 days older than Shannon, 56 in a leap year) Pam’s birthday was spent at a luxury hotel, The Dakota in Glasgow, but the rest of the plans scrapped due to a heavy snow fall. Shannon’s birthday was spent in Edinburgh, where it also had a large fall of snow!

We both started working together in the same office, this is most definitely not the first time we've worked together but it is the closest we've worked, we go to work together, have lunch together and go home together. (This is our 7th job together!)

By the end of 2018 we purchased our first home together, an 1890’s farm cottage, only a 3-minute drive from Pam’s family (after travelling the world and living in Guernsey for so long, we never thought we would settle in Scotland). We plan to make this our home and document our reno along the way- check out the section on the blog all about our cottage!

We would like to wish each and everyone of you a very merry Christmas and sending lots of love and wishes for you into the new year. Also, from the bottom of our hearts we want to say thank you for your support in reading this blog and encouraging us to keep going.

Until 2019….


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