30 Personal 'Pinch Me Moments' To Celebrate Turning 30!

Ahhh!!!... I (Pam) am turning 30 this weekend!!! Whilst I don't want to leave my 20's behind, I am equally excited to see what this new decade will bring me and what I will bring to this new decade!

My 'travels' started when I was 22 and met Shannon, however throughout my childhood my parents always put me first and booked the most exciting holidays. By the age off 18 I had visited 9 US States, taken 14 cruises around the world, and had visited my first 3 continents and been to 34 different countries. Now as I reach the age of 30 I have visited a further 2 continents and a further 17 countries. I've also lived in 5 countries including working in Sydney, Notting Hill and Cyprus.

I don't mean to boast but I am forever grateful to my parents for taking me to places like The Taj Mahal, the Pyramids in Egypt, Alcatraz in San Francisco and a crazy bazar in Morocco.

Here are 30 of my 'pinch me moments' over my lifetime of travels...

Viewing the Niagra Falls from the Canadian side before getting wet on the 'Maid Of The Mist' boat ride under the falls

Finding ourselves inside the White House gardens!!

Cruising is such a great way to see multiple destinations in a short space of time, also as a teenager it was an awesome way to meet new friends

Visiting The Pitons in St Lucia whilst on a Caribbean cruise

Mine and Shannon's first holiday to Malta

Visiting the world tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Some people like a 9-5 desk job - I like flying passengers to the Caribbean and getting to stay all inclusive for the week too!

Relaxing at the infinity pool over looking the cool city of Kuala Lumpur

Every dream is to hang out with Minnie Mouse and her gang in Floridachild's

Watching the world whizz past in bustling Hanoi, Vietnam

Visiting The Rajasthani Palace in Jaipur, India

Exploring Angkor Wat after watching the sunrise