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Waitomo NZ | Cave Tubing With Glow Worms

Waitomo is a village on the North Island of New Zealand, located under 2 hours’ drive from Rotorua.

Waitomo is famous for its extensive underground cave systems in which thousands of glow-worms light up the caves. Waitomo is a Maori word ‘Wai’- water and’ tomo’- cave.

More than 30 million years ago the legend of Waitomo caves began with the creation of limestone at the bottom of the ocean. Now these limestone formations stand as one of NZ most inspiring natural wonders and a must-see destination.

Have an adventure packed day and book with ‘The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co.’ Where you will be utterly enthralled as you go deep underground in the Ruakuri Cave on the most unreal subterranean journey.

This company has been in the business for over 30 years and they sure know how to make you have a memorable experience. There are two options for the tours, choose from the ‘Black Labyrinth’ where you explore and tube through the mysterious Ruakuri cave for 3 hours. (Prices from $142pp). Or try the ‘Black Abyss’ where you also zipline and climb under waterfalls (prices from $246pp).

You will meet first meet your guide and be given your wetsuits to change into. Once at the entrance to the caves you will be shown how to sit in the tubes (rubber rings) and then you are led 65 metres underground through tunnels and water where you will float down in the pitch-black caves with only the twinkling lights of the glow-worms to light your way. (The glow worm isn't a worm at all, but the larvae or maggot of a mosquito-like fly).

You will also be climbing on your hands and knees through tight tunnels and plunge down waterfalls, you will walk through rushing water up to your waist, where you will see stalactites and stalagmites, coral and maybe even and eel! You will be floating through the water, the amount of thrills and excitement you will encounter will be overwhelming and it is such a bucket list activity!

Once you change out of your wetsuit gear and into a hot shower, there will be hot soup waiting to warm you back up.At night you can also follow the forest path to see more glow-worms lighting your way in the dark.

Note- If heading in the summer months be sure to book tours in advance as the groups are only up to 12 persons and will get booked up fast.

Check out Waitomo’s website for more info on activities.

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