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Outlander Locations | Midhope / Lallybroch

*This post may contain spoilers from seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Outlander

One of the most famous and recognisable locations on the smash hit TV show Outlander is Jamie Fraser’s ancestral home, the small estate of Lallybroch also known as Broch Tuarach. Throughout the first and second seasons we see Jamie, Claire and Jamie’s sister Jenny and her family around their home. In the third season Claire revisits in the 1960’s when the house is now boarded up. And it looks like in future seasons it will feature too…

Lallybroch is in real life named Midhope Castle and dates to the 16th century, and is located in the hamlet of Abercorn on the wider Hopetoun Estate, around 2.5 miles to the west of South Queensferry, on the outskirts of Edinburgh. You can visit Lallybroch, I mean Midhope although it must be stated it is not classed as a visitor attraction (therefore no toilets or cafes) It is also in a similar condition as to how Claire found the building in the 1960’s. The exterior is relatively intact, although the windows and doors and boarded up. There are ‘danger keep out’ signs which is totally understandable as it is derelict inside and not safe to enter. We have read lots of comments from Outlander enthusiasts who complain their shot is ruined by the boarded-up doors, but it has got to be remembered this is a real castle with real history, not just a film set. It totally does still look like Lallybroch though and a great place to go to immerse yourself in all things Outlander! If you aren’t an Outlander fan, then there are better sites to visit nearby (that happen also to be Outlander locations) such as Linlithgow Palace, Blackness Castle and it is also totally worth visiting Hopetoun House whilst you are here.

Even although Midhope is on the private estate of Hopetoun and it is not classed as a visitor attraction, you can visit, you just need to purchase a parking permit at the cost of £10 for small cars and £40 for large vehicles including campervans or you can walk to the site and it is £3 pp for entry. Passes must be purchased before your arrival at Midhope from Hopetoun Farm Shop or from Hopetoun House ticket kiosk. Both are open daily and are located just a 5-minute drive away below is the locations on a map. Look up the Hopetoun Estate website before setting off though as the site is frequently subject to closures for estate activity (i.e. Could be filming Outlander!!) Its normal opening hours are: April- September 9am and 5pm. October- December 10am and 3pm and closed from January until Easter weekend.

How to get there!

It can be a little difficult to locate Midhope, and your Satnav may get confused too. Below is the route to take from Hopetoun House Estate

Leave Hopetoun House and drive down Farquhar Terrace, when you get to the end of the road you will practically be under the Forth Road Bridge, turn right so you are now on Bo'ness Road (B924) at the end of the road there is traffic lights, turn right on to the A904 and you will now be approaching a large roundabout, take the 2nd exit, seeing signs for Bo'ness and Newton, staying on the A904 where you will drive through the village of Newton you will then pass Hopetoun Farm Shop (-where you can also purchase your parking permit) take the next right after the signs for Hopetoun Farm Shop, there is a sign post that says 'Abercorn, Hopetoun Seamill, Midhope' after turning there should now be a church building on your left, carry on down the tree covered lane until you reach a sign saying 'Edinburgh Fireworks Store' take the turning here, you are almost at Midhope Castle now and will see a car park and see the guarded ticket booth.

(turning right from Bo'ness road, and heading on to large roundabout)

(After signs for Hopetoun Farm Shops you will see a sign saying 'Abercorn, Hopetoun Seamill, Midhope- turn right here)

(After turning right at the sign for Midhope you will see this church building, then continue down the tree lined lane to Midhope)

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