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Photo Diary | Dean Village, Edinburgh

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital; the city is bustling, full of energy, full of tourists and locals.

There is the medieval Old Town, the elegant Georgian New Town with gardens and neoclassical buildings, there is the Scottish Parliament, many monuments, bars, restaurants, museums, a palace and of course Edinburgh Castle- all making Edinburgh a very worthy capital city…

Yet just a 5 minute stroll from the main shopping area Princes Street lies an oasis of serenity, a quaint and picturesque area with a river running through it, with birds and cobblestones and so many photo opportunities.

This is Dean Village

Dean Village was once a separate village from the city of Edinburgh but over time the settlements have merged. Dean Village started out housing a variety of mills and homes for the workers and their families in the 19thcentury. Today the village has been fully restored and is a wonderful place to stroll around. Be sure to look out for little plaques indicating the villages past. During your walk you walk you will find many stunning buildings and even a viaduct which is high over the village.

On top of this viaduct is busy city life, but down in Dean Village you will feel a hundred miles from any city. To get to Dean Village from Princes Street turn right onto Queensferry Street and walk until the pavement splits into three. You will want to head down Bells Brae which is the middle road. If you stay on Queensferry Road (to the right) you will now be on top of the viaduct and you can look down on parts of Dean Village.

Why is this stunning area not more well-known? Here are some of our favourite images from a wonderful place!

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