38 Scenic Winter Views Of Scotland

Having moved back to my homeland of Scotland, I want to start a new series of posts showcasing just exactly how stunning and beautiful Scotland truly is. Having grown up surrounded by the gorgeous landscapes I probably took most of it for granted, I guess it was whilst living in New Zealand and appreciating their awe-inspiring landscapes that I realised I had similar if not better in my own country.

People around the world that I have spoken to are always quick to judge Scotland, saying things like “isn’t it always raining” or “Oh there’s always fights in Glasgow” etc and I want to prove their ignorance is wrong, Scotland is brimming full of gorgeous landscapes- hills, mountains, glens and lochs. As well as countless castles and ruins, stately homes and wonderful architecture.

Having just arrived in Scotland and before we found jobs and settled down we decided to spend a few days visiting Argyll & Bute and The Highlands, here is just a little sample of how utterly stunning Scotland really is.

Cameras used: Canon G7X, Panasonic Lumix G7, Phantom 4 dJI

#Scotland #photodiary

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