Soaring Through The Sky Glasgow Mural Trail Guide With City Sightseeing Glasgow Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

Glasgow has an amazing array of street murals, and no visit to the city is complete until you have found some, you will stumble upon them even if you aren’t setting out to look for them, as these huge pieces of art adorn many buildings, walkways, and streets.

These super impressive, fun and quirky creations were the initiative of Glasgow City Council who wanted to ‘rejuvenate streets and revitalise buildings and vacant sites that looked a bit tired’ and it is totally working- instead of noticing a derelict site or plain wall, your eyes dart across these massive works of art which bring colour and vibrancy to the streets. The works are also helping support local artists (and those from further afield) by providing a space for their unique creations.

The first mural was commissioned in 2008 and at present there are over 30 pieces of art, but this is forever changing as the city grows and redevelops

You may not see all of them, or all of them at the one time. If you walked the route we have suggested below, it would take over 2 hours to walk so why not combine your mural trail with a tour of Glasgow on the City Sightseeing Glasgow Hop-On Hop-Off Bus, this way you get to hear information of Glasgow and you can hop on and off at each mural!

If you do fancy walking the entire mural trail then click here!!...

The starting point for the “City Sightseeing Glasgow Hop-On Hop-Off” bus tour is at George Square.

Listed below are the bus stop numbers that you will want to hop-off at to see the nearby murals. Some murals you can stay on the bus for and snap a photo from the open top double decker.

Tennent’s Lager/ Wellpark Brewery | Smug | Duke Street

Bus stop number 2

Wellpark brewery is where Scotland’s finest lager is produced, stop in for a tour of the brewery and note the outside walls in which every inch has been covered with illustrations of the Tennent’s history. Also, for Outlander fans or just Sam Heughan fans he once was their poster boy and features on their colourful wall

Saint Mungo | Smug | High Street

Bus stop number 2

The most photographed mural in Glasgow is of a modern day St Mungo- the patron saint of Glasgow

St Enoch and Child | Smug | George Street

Bus stop number 2

Just around the corner from the modern day St Mungo, Smug has created another fantastic piece of work to complement the above, this mural is a contemporary interpretation of the of mother St Enoch cradling her beloved baby boy St Mungo

Strathclyde University | Art Pistol, Rogue-One and Ejek | George Street and North Portland Street

Bus stop number 2

The Strathclyde University “Wonderwall” covers more than 1,000 sq. metres and is the UK’s largest mural. The mural celebrates students’ achievements and is depicted from a photograph from the 1920’s and has been updated to include present day students. The mural is over 200 metres long and also depicts the Dansken equatorial telescope featured, which was once used to teach nautical astronomy. And the Land-Ship was a mock up navigation bridge on the roof of the School of Navigation in the Royal College, used to teach the principles of compass adjustment

Could walk between these stops- 4 minutes’ walk

Fellow Glasgow Residents | Smug | Ingram Street Car Park

Bus stop number 3

Ingram Street car park was just once that, a car park on waste ground, now thanks to Smug’s imagination, it is a stunning space filled with a giant kilted man alongside many woodland creatures. Best viewed from afar as this piece is massive, but also best viewed close up to see all the intricate details

Badminton | Guido van Helten and Art Pistol | Wilson Street